We’re Painting Fools and Loving It!

There’s a saying that goes “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” We are living proof that this is soooo true, especially since we find ourselves busy all the time! The paint, found in 40 colors under the Bungalow 47™ brand, is always a great source to transform that flea market find. We’re painting fools and loving it!

Should You Paint It?

We love to paint furniture and show others how easy it is to transform old pieces. It is also a great way to make inherited pieces feel more like your style. Most pieces can be painted. If you inherit or purchase something that is really old and may be worth something as an antique, it is best to do some research before painting it. Most pieces that you would find around at decent prices will be candidates to redo using paint.

Photo courtesy of Shabby Chic®


Brush or Spray the Paint

We love to paint, and lately Chantelle has gotten into spraying it on too. Check out this awesome spray booth her husband built in his workshop for her! The whole thing folds up into the ceiling when not in use. It even has ventilation to it, for when he uses the smelly stuff like polyurethane for his wood projects.

When painting your projects, you can confidently paint indoors as our product is labeled Low-VOC but actually is No-VOC in the size container you would purchase. Brushing a piece goes quicker than you think. Before you know it, your furniture will be transformed when painted.

Paint booth at 141 Design Company


This pretty dresser was painted by Chantelle using Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint in Nautical Stripe


Making Things Personal with Vintage and Painted Furniture

Chantelle and I are still out picking, finding stuff for all of our projects. I have this problem buying vintage art! Like “hi my name is Jill and I am an addict” type problem.   I found these two pieces last week that I am obsessed with, and ended up going back and buying more! Something about this work, that seemed so elementary and basic, I just could not get enough of! All the colors were good, and I LOVE a good oil painting, so I was obsessed all weekend!

We’ve had a warm spell this week in Michigan, and that always teases us with thoughts of spring, even when we know that is a far off reality, but we start to get a little anxious for summer flea markets, and trips to the cottage.

Painting outdoors during the summer is always very gratifying. The paint driers quickly and with natural lighting, I feel like you can better see all the details and markings on a piece. If you need to repair anything on your item, this should be filled and sanded prior to starting.

We have many things planned this year for Bungalow 47, the paint line, and our extended work life, so stay tuned! There’s more fun to come just around the corner and we hope you will be along for the ride. Check out our Pinterest boards for more inspiration.

Be happy, Jill

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