Thanksgiving Traditions and Memories

Thanksgiving is here and since we’re all bloated from eating too much, we thought we’d share some memories and traditions that Chantelle and I each have with our families.

Thanksgiving turkey

Chantelle is lucky enough to have her whole family all living in the same county. This includes her kids, along with her parents, and siblings and their families. If the weather is nice for Thanksgiving in Michigan (and this is a crap shoot for any given year) they pull out the Road Kill Grill, and the airstream, and set up a party in her parents backyard.



If the kids are feeling picky, and aren’t in the mood for turkey, then hot dogs can easily be grilled up!

Fall family gatherings

It never matters what they are eating, they are just happy to be together! When everyone is full of food, they head to the movies for the latest blockbuster newly released.

Fall flowers Bungalow 47 style

For Jill’s family, a bit of travel is always in the cards for someone. With all the kids married and living coast to coast, holidays are shared with in-laws, so Thanksgiving is celebrated with friends and neighbors, and those loved ones who can make the trip.

Everyone helps plan the meal, decorate the table, and choose the utensils needed.

thanksgiving table prep

Ham and turkey are always both served. Which is your favorite?

thanksgiving ham

thanksgiving turkey

The resident pastry chef (Jill’s sons wife Christy) makes desserts and rolls, with the help of daughters Lexy and Lizzy. Jill is happy to turn the kitchen over to their culinary imagination.

thanksgiving desserts
thanksgiving tarts
thanksgiving rolls

And the food debate gets serious, like should the stuffing be classic or gourmet? To keep family harmony, both are made! They are serious about their stuffing!

thanksgiving classic stuffing

thanksgiving stuffing

Lexy keeps everyone using creative, fresh ingredients and Lizzy (a professional photographer) takes pictures of all the food! We watch football, tell funny family stories, and head to the movies when everyone is done being thankful for all the food!

thanksgiving food

No matter what we do, we are always grateful to be with our families and loved ones on this thankful holiday. We wish you and your family happiness and safety for this holiday weekend, and we’d love to hear what your favorite Thanksgiving traditions are! Leave us a comment.

Many thanks, Jill and Chantelle



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  1. Last Minute Lynn says:

    I am totally full, but looking at those pictures, makes me hungry! Wonderful family fun!

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