Painting Metal Fixtures – A Quick Update

Recently I was visiting my daughter and her husband, who are new homeowners.Looking around she declared “sometimes this house still doesn’t feel like ours!” When asked what she meant, she pointed out some old light fixtures in the family room. I gave her that look, and declared “let’s paint them!” Here’s how easy it is to paint metal fixtures – a quick update.

The kitchen was the first project they worked on, replacing cabinets with ‘new to them’ ones that were painted using Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint. Notice the industrial cage lights over the island, these were ones we matched for this quick project!


They purchased their first home from the original owners of the property. Blessed with ample outdoor space, a large gazebo, an artist’s shed, and gardens galore. But the single level ranch needed an update. After some renovation, they have continued working to make it their own.

But my daughter was pointing out small details, such as light fixtures that hadn’t yet been changed, that were making her think of the grandmother who had lived there. “You have some B47 paint, right?”, I asked. I mean, she is my kid, so there should be some paint lying around somewhere! With Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint, it’s easy to paint metal and other finishes. A quick update is just what we needed.

Here are the fixtures that were bumming her out. They definitely need an update. B47 Paint to the rescue!


You Can Paint More Than Metal

Did you know that Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint can be used on a variety of surfaces? You can paint wood, metal, glass, stone, cement and more. You can even paint fabric! Check out this post here to see how that works. The paint can be used on so many surfaces and because it dries quicker than latex paint, it is fun to quickly finish a project so you can move on to the next.

Our project would only take like 15 minutes, and make a world of difference. There was no need to remove the light fixtures from the wall, which would need to be done to use spray paint. We were going to paint them in place. I painted freehand with a small detail brush, but you could also tape off larger areas to not paint, and use a bigger brush.

We used Lamp Post, a true black in the B47 Furniture Paint line.


Match the Style

To mimic other fixtures in the house that had been changed to match their style, we simply removed the old granny glass globe. The chalk and clay paint dries fast, so we quickly painted the metal with the paint using a small brush perfect for the job. After a quick trip to Menard’s lighting section, we switched out the light for a new industrial shade which cost less than $15 per light. To match the industrial style they have throughout the house, we used B47 Furniture Paint in Lamp Post, a true black.

Here’s me doing a quick 15 minute transformation on the lights.




Quick and Easy Update to Painting Metal

Don’t they look great? A little paint goes a long way. Using the black paint, and painting metal, I only applied one coat. We let it dry before we moved onto the next step of attaching the new metal frame and adding a lightbulb.

The finished light, with new black paint and a decorative cover from Menard’s.


Paint can make such a difference! Every time we complete a small project, I always feel like “why did we wait so long to change it?” Don’t wait any longer. You too can paint metal and other fun projects in your home. Read this post about how we painted glass and transformed mason jars. They were a budget friendly option for a big family party.

Check out my Pinterest boards for more inspiration about paint and design. I hope you will try painting metal so you can see how easily you can transform something to make it your own.

Thanks for stopping by, Jill


  1. I can’t wait to paint my fixtures now!!!

  2. Dawn-Marie says:

    Very cool!! Love it.

  3. Ellie Covieo says:

    They look great,🤓 She’s lucky to have a creative mother. They did a great job on their kitchen. Love it.💜

  4. Last Minute Lynn says:

    Love this transformation! Thanks for giving me the idea. My bath fixture definitely needs this very same update.

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