My name is Jill Rinner

and I’m pretty excited

that you’re here!

I love rooms with a sense of history and items that tell the story of your life. Every journey we embark on, and every challenge we face, those things define us and show us who we are or who we can become. For me, life is about family, but things still matter as they hold memories of a life well lived.

I’m constantly changing, replacing and moving items to fit our current life. Organizing, collecting, passing along items to family, it’s all a part of that ebb and flow. I’d love to have you follow along on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook so we can find our best home spaces together.

Some of my favorite things


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“Your Home Your Style: how to create a home that is a true reflection of you”

I’ve always been interested in design. From a young age, I began crafting and trying more things as I went, learning to sew and repurpose at a young age. My first experience with buying “junk-tiques” was back in the valley of Los Angeles where I grew up, buying vintage clothes and beginning my milk glass collection. When it was time for college, I first focused on fashion design, but quickly changed my major to interior design. After becoming a mother, I spent long hours after the kids went to sleep crafting and painting folk art that I was selling at shows. When you are creative, it’s easy to head down a rabbit hole and get lost in your interests, and being a young mother provided me ample opportunity to plan fabulous parties, hone my cooking skills, expand my woodworking to include home DIY, painting, wallpapering and more. In the late 90s I ended up designing product for the scrapbooking industry where I was writing for several magazines, teaching classes at trade shows, and building several brands sold in big box stores. Times and trends always change, and after awhile I went back to my first love, interior design. Creating a home has always been the most important thing to me and I love to entertain, cook for/with my family, search for treasures, organize and style, and provide a space where friends and family feel comfortable and loved. Since 2011, Bungalow 47 has brought a way for me to share my love of vintage, home decor, and help my clients find their personal style.