Little Tin Can Camper – Part 2

There’s something a bit magical about Michigan in the fall. The leaves change, the air gets crisp, and it’s a wonderful time to enjoy the great outdoors!

Especially if you have an adorable little tin can camper, like Chantelle. If you’ve been following us for awhile, you may have seen the part one post for the re-do on this little vintage camper. You can check that out here.

Tin can camper - Bungalow 47 style!

Can you even handle how cute this is?

Bungalow 47 style camping

Wait until you see the inside! The camper is a 1961 vintage fan camper.

Camping in Michigan - Bungalow 47 style

Here’s a peek of how it looked before it was transformed by Chantelle’s handy husband.

Vintage Camper Remodel

Here’s a few ‘during’ shots, and it’s already looking better.

Vintage Camper Project

Vintage Camper Project

Chantelle painted the interior using our paint (color: Lava Lamp) and went to designing it in their fun, colorful style! The bed is a queen-size, placed to one end of the camper to maximize floor space. Check it out now, after it’s makeover!

Interior painted using Junk Gypsy Paint

The “Love Lives Here” art is from Texas Trash and Treasure and she’s not kidding with the pillow that says “Sleeps With Dogs”! They have a large, black standard poodle named ‘Happy’ who loves to snuggle with his owners while camping (and every night at home)!

Bungalow 47 style camper

Gotta love vintage finds! Not only is the camper one, but all the cuteness Chantelle added from the chandelier, to the pom-pom fringe on the homemade curtains, the paint-by-numbers dog art, and the little hula girl.

Styling a vintage camper the Bungalow 47 way

Each summer, Chantelle and her family (well, clan really – it includes her kids, parents, siblings and their families) head to northern Michigan to unplug and camp at Aloha State Park, so the little ALOHA references are found in bits around the camper.

Unplug and camp in style
Vintage finds in a vintage camper

The cabinet ends were painted by Chantelle using a boat wood technique. Each trip taken on their travels, Chantelle picks up a magnet or sticker to add to the refrigerator.

Boat wood finish painted on cabinet ends

With space at a premium, even tiny little drawers provide storage needed to house their camping accessories. Wicker chairs can always be taken outside for a comfy night around the campfire.

Camping in Bungalow 47 style

The wood floor was made from pallet wood, stained, and finished using our Matte Finish, which is a water and chemical resistant finish normally used on furniture. If it can hold up to days camping with dogs running in and out, imagine how great it is for protecting your table tops!

Pallet wood floor stained and protected using Junk Gypsy Paint Clear Coat

It’s easy to be a ‘happy camper’ with this little vintage darling.

Camping in Michigan Bungalow 47 style

Hope you enjoyed the share of Chantelle’s cute little vintage home on wheels! Stay tuned for more Bungalow 47™ style coming soon.

Be happy, Jill and Chantelle

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  1. How did you attach the rope trim in the camper ?

  2. Bungalow 47 says:

    It was attached with glue and a nail gun!

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