A Visit to Magnolia – Part Two

Last week we mentioned we had a visit to Magnolia in Texas. This will be part two of that trip, as there was so much to see. My favorite part of our trip to the Magnolia silos was the outside and gardens. Read about part one of the trip here. 

Gardens at Magnolia Silos

I’ve been taking a Master Gardener class this fall at MSU and my mind has been in the dirt (so to speak). Most of my daydreaming has consisted of plants, vegetables and greenery, so when we ventured out to the Magnolia grounds, this is where I got super excited! Before we get there, let’s take a peek at the other fun, the bakery!

yummy cupcakes sold at Magnolia


Needless to say, the outside patio is darling with string lights and a view of the silos. The inside is clean and simple and the menu is limited to a few cupcakes, cookies, and other treats.

buying cupcakes at the Magnolia Bakery


We ordered cupcakes (despite the diet) and dined in the outdoor patio.

bakery at Magnolia


Everything else on the property is taken care of beautifully, and there are a variety of places to sit and picnic, or play and interact.

covered arbor picnic area


There also is a large stage at the center grassy area that looks perfect for outdoor concerts and fun. They also have a big area where food trucks come in when they have big events.

Magnolia silos


Lots of Vintage to Inspire

How cute is this vintage truck?

garden pavilions


There’s more building going on in the back. This is a wonderful place set up for the community.

picnic areas at Magnolia


Everywhere you look, there is perfect detail.

landscape at Magnolia


The Gardens at Magnolia Silos

Okay, and now for the gardens!

garden area in Waco


Twig fence, check. Raised planters, check. Birdbath with adorable tiny village, check.


It was a great time of year for everything to be fully grown and to have some blooming color.

Magnolia Garden in Waco


I seriously cannot wait to implement some of these ideas in my own garden!

Magnolia Gardens


Lights, shed, action! That metal roof is everything.

garden shed with metal roof


Isn’t this grapevine teepee the cutest?!

Gardens at Magnolia


This vertical herb garden was killer! I am so doing this!

Magnolia Seed and Supply


A close-up view of the herbs with their cute signage.

herbs in Magnolia Garden Shop


Once you pass through the garden there is another building that houses the garden shop.

Garden Shop at Magnolia in Waco


This green cabinet with all the drawers is sooooo amazing! How jealous does this brick floor make you?

garden shopping in Magnolia


Cute little details everywhere! Loving these corrugated metal little roofs!

window awning indoors


Some of the wall was covered with great peely chippy old fence board.

shopping at Magnolia Garden


This is a fun display with these olive baskets. The mix of wood, metal, and greenery in the shop was really nice.


olive buckets in garden display

Back outside, all the plantings and decor continue to inspire.

Magnolia Seed and Supply


Magnolia Gardens area


Overall it was a super fun trip, and our business that took us to Texas was successful. As stated, the gardens at Magnolia were my favorite part. It is always wonderful to be inspired by others, and what the Gaines have created from the silos in Waco is nothing short of amazing! I’m glad I was able to visit. You can see more picture here on their website. What was your favorite part?

Love this life, Jill


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