Let’s Paint Some Furniture!

Are you looking to update your home? You can easily get a new look without spending a fortune. Let’s paint some furniture! It’s easier than you think and we think you’ll love it.

Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint offers 40 on-trend designer colors in an American-made chalk and clay paint. It’s fast-drying and easy to use formula will have you painting in no time with little prep and fast results.

painting furniture choose your color

No Experience Needed to Paint Furniture

Don’t be afraid to paint that furniture you’ve had forever to give it a new, updated look! Many people are scared that they will ruin their furniture. But painting with a chalk and clay paint is very forgiving. You don’t have to be an expert.

Hand painted using Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint

Can you Distress Your Painted Furniture?

If you like the look of light distressing to give your piece that soft look of age, it’s easy to do. Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint can be distressed using light sandpaper or a wet-distressing technique. For wet distressing you can use a damp towel and rub along the edges (like you would sandpaper) after the paint dries. Distressing of painted pieces will look best done in areas where natural wear would occur.

Hand painted using Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint

You can paint Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint right over a previous finish, without having to strip. This will give it a fresh new look and is a budget-friendly way to new furniture! Most pieces can easily be done this way. For tips on whether your furniture needs more help, check out this post about stripping furniture.

Hand painted using Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint

Hand painted using Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint

Finishing Your Painted Furniture

When you are finished painting, you will want to protect your painted piece using Bungalow 47 Matte Finish. The finish will protect against scratches and water damage. I recommend this for any piece that will touched and used. However, the paint does not have to have a finish. You can also use wax if you prefer that look.

Your furniture can simply be buffed on the surface after painting to give it a nice sheen. I do this when painting a large cupboard, like an armoire with no horizontal surfaces. Simply paint your piece as desired. After that, use a clean, dry towel to buff the painted surface. The nub in the towel texture will do all the work!

Hand painted using Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint

Bungalow 47 Clear Primer can be used if you have a piece that has been damaged from years of abuse, or is a wood that is known to bleed. Stains and tannins are attracted to water and some stains will surface within 24 hours of painting with a water-based paint. If this happens, you can go over the stain with primer and simply touch up the area. There are always ways to success when painting your furniture.

Hand painted using Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint

Do you have a project waiting for Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint?

Hand painted using Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint

In conclusion, truthfully, the hardest part about painting furniture is deciding on the color. There are 40 beautiful shades waiting for you. Just pick your favorite color and get painting! Which one will you choose? 

Hand painted using Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint


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