Easy Spring Home Decorating Ideas to Freshen Your Home

Spring is on it’s way! Let’s chat about easy spring home decorating ideas to freshen your home. Welcome to the best spring home tour!

If you are coming over from Linda’s at It All Started With Paint welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

For my friends joining us, her website is so cute and she paints some adorable seasonal Mason jars, that I’m sure you will love. Check out how to paint on glass using Bungalow 47 Furniture paint.

There have been so many great spring decor ideas shared this week, and I’m so happy to be a part of this home tour to see what adorable things everyone is doing.

But if you are feeling a bit bad that you haven’t quite broken out your spring wreaths and bunny decor, then you are in the right place! As much as I love to see what everyone is doing to make their home the best place this spring, I’m doing it a bit different.

easy spring home decorating ideas flowers

So hang with me, I promise we can still have a fun time! Let’s dive in.

Personal style in spring decor

When the warmer weather hits, it’s time to ready your house for spring! Or is it? That all depends on your personal style and frankly, where you live. Whether you like to break out the seasonal decor or not, the change of seasons is the perfect time to freshen your home and switch things up.

For me, living in Michigan, spring is pretty schizophrenic. One day it is 70 degrees, and the next day we are back to winter at 40 degrees. So this time of year, I never know what we are going to get.

easy spring home decorating ideas

But there are still simple ways to make an easy spring update that goes along with your personal style of home decorating.

What are some spring decorations?

The better way to answer this question is what does spring mean to you? Is it a change of color scheme at home or completely redecorating?

I was reading a few articles from some big magazines that were suggesting to “wallpaper a room, repaint a space, switch out furniture” but can we really do that? Do you even want to?

Spring decor can be as easy as a new wreath on the front door, or a pretty floral centerpiece on the dining table. Whatever easy way or more creative ways make you feel good about the season, then do more of that.

east spring home decorating vintage finds

Some years it might just be me pulling out some faux stems and tossing them into the nearest container, bonus points for spending no or little money. Do what feels good to you and your style.

How do you spruce up for spring?

For me, spring home decor is not something I think about too much. I am not the ‘bunnies and Easter eggs’ type, but I do feel that spring is a great time to give your home a fresh look. I just put out my farm fresh eggs that I would be storing anyway, and make them decorative.

spring storage home decor

Whether it is pulling out floral patterns or lighter fabrics on pillows, to adding pops of color with faux flowers, spring decorating can add new life to your rooms.

The goal is to always make your living space feel comfortable. When the warm weather hits, there would be natural changes that can happen in a room to make your home feel fresh and get you in the mood for the current season. 

easy spring home decorating ideas adding flowers

Easy spring home decorating ideas

Since we are all different, and live in a variety of climates, choose some of these simple tips to help you ready for the spring months.

Declutter for a new season

Sometimes after a long winter of hibernating, and focusing on nights around the fire reading a book, it’s time to throw those doors and windows open and let in the fresh air! What can you declutter to make your rooms feel fresh and bring the outdoors in, taking center stage?

Last week we had some really warm weather, now these last few days, we are back to winter. But I am still anxious for that spring feeling.

easy spring home decorating ideas

Look around your room and see, what seems too heavy in your space? What can be removed or replaced to make your space ready for a new season?

Time to clear off the coffee table, throw open the drapes in the dining room, and declutter all the little areas that have gotten disorderly during the winter months.

Add fresh spring colors

Whether you have a small space or large open rooms, switching a few things around and bringing out some spring colors could make you feel ready for the season.

My home is pretty much all about blue and white. But even adding more of the lighter shades of blue, versus my darker navy colors, makes my rooms feel fresh and ready for spring.

easy spring home decorating

Pull whatever colors you have, that feel spring like to you, and move them around. Spring is ultimately about a rebirth, so whatever colors make you feel light and bright, go with that and shift items from room to room.

If you have floral pillows hiding in the guest room, let them come into your living spaces for the season. Shopping your own home is a great way to keeps things fresh and on a budget!

easy spring home decorating ideas

Add plants and your favorite flowers

One of the easiest ways to bring in a little color is to grab some fresh flowers on your next trip to the grocery store, and add little floral arrangements in bud vases to all the areas you frequent.

I collect milk glass, and each season I can go into my stash and pull out items to use around. Spring is the perfect time for those bud vases!

fresh sprig with milk glass vase and flowers

For you plant lovers who don’t need any excuses to collect more, go crazy! But the rest of us plant killers might need some faux flowers, and a bit of fresh ones that are meant to last briefly.

If you really want to start the season out right, check out my friend Kelly at The Tattered Pew. She is the zinnia queen and can show you the easy way to grow some real flowers that can last all summer too!

Switch up bedding

One of my favorite things for thinking spring is changing the bedding in our primary bedroom.

As I have said, Michigan is still a bit sketchy in the spring, and you never know if it will be cold or warm from day to day. So before I do a big overhaul and remove all my heavy down comforters and blankets, spring is the time to peel back the winter blues a bit and add some beautiful spring flowers to the mix.

spring hoe decor floral and gingham sheets bedding

I also love gingham and feel it is so fresh, it just feels like spring time to me. So off goes any flannel, and I make the switch to a pop of color and lightweight sheets.

Nothing says spring like getting cozy in a pretty bed, snuggling down and listening to those April showers. So freshen up your bedding and add a bit of spring color to your space.

fresh spring home decor with gingham sheets and floral pillows

I have to say, I am a bit of a bedding snob, but these budget friendly floral sheets that I bought through Amazon this season are sooooo soft! I paired it with some gingham linen sheets that I love. Even my hubby commented how much he liked the way the bed looked and felt. Now, that’s a win!

easy spring home decor change bed linens

Add spring throw blankets and bright throw pillows

The simple ideas are the ones that make a great impact in function. Once spring arrives, you just don’t need those heavy blankets around anymore.

easy spring decor lightweight throws and floral pillows

Brighten your living room with bright throw pillows and lightweight throws. And by ‘bright’, I don’t mean a bold color palette, especially if that isn’t your thing.

Choose pillows that are lighter weight fabric than the winter choices. Try a new look with checks or florals, and just brighten up your design style in a beautiful way that feels right to you. I even like to add a bit of vintage to keep it unique.

Organize for a fresh update

I don’t know about you, but nothing says spring season to me faster than wiping away the clutter, and organizing a bit!

When I need the house freshened up, one of the first things I do is clear all the counters. Why do I still have Christmas cards out?

spring home decor freshen with flowers

There is no better time than spring to remove clutter, clean what is left, and make things pretty and fresh. This post can give you more tips about how to make storage pretty.

This could be as easy as adding a basket that mail can get dropped into, or displaying everyday items that are pretty, if space is limited. However you do it, organizing will give you that big impact you are looking for when looking to freshen your home.

Update the entry space and mudroom

Whether you are coming or going, inviting in guests or it’s just you and your family, the entry to the house will be the first thing you see.

spring home decor fresh flowers

For me, this room always needs the most deep spring cleaning because our mudroom is where all the outside dirt stops when shoes and boots are removed. When you know you won’t be needing those heavy coats anymore, switch them out for the items you will need with the change of weather.

spring refresh clean the mudroom

Heavy hats and mittens can be stored away, and make room for umbrellas and basket totes, and things that you will need in the spring. Since the weather may be too unpredictable to make any big changes on the front porch, make those changes inside the door in your entry spaces.

Add seasonal art

April showers brings May flowers, right? You won’t have to wait until then to add seasonal flowers to your space, just grab some art! Check out this post to learn how to amp up your personal style with vintage art.

I personally love vintage finds, so out comes all my vintage floral oils, along with pretty crewel flowers. Just a little bit of seasonal art will go a long way in making your space feel fresh.

fresh spring floral vintage artwork

If you feel so inclined, create a gallery wall where you can add art and seasonal family photos that can even be switched out throughout the year. In your own home, the art should speak to you and make you feel something.

I love to have art that reminds me of my favorite places. Adding seasonal art, not hung just propped up somewhere, is the perfect way to quickly add the feeling of the season.

vintage floral artwork for spring

Restyle anything that feels heavy

Finally, look around your space. What feels heavy to you? Maybe you just need to corral items into a serving tray, or add fresh flowers to the side table.

Whatever simple change you can do to make it feel like spring TO YOU, move it around and mix it up. Paint a piece of furniture, add or take away decorative items from the console table, just take the first step into making your space feel better for you and your family.

paint and refresh furniture for spring decor

Sometimes winter can feel like it has been a long time since we have seen the sunshine. Add that feeling inside and make the biggest changes with the smallest budget by just restyling and renewing your space! 

The good news is… next up on the tour is my friend Jodi at Lyndale Drive. You will love her!

Jodi and I met last fall at a conference and we have been hanging out (virtually) every week since. She is a fellow lover of vintage finds, and I know will have some great tips for you about restyling and making cute and easy projects to freshen your space. 

Check out all the other great ideas that all these blogging queens have to offer! Tell me in the comments below, what is your favorite way to decorate for spring?

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  1. Kimberly Snyder says:

    Oh my goodness! Your home is beautiful! I love how you have it decorated! Thank you for sharing your home with us!

  2. Love all your spring touches, Jill, especially the pillows, bedding, and pillows. Your soft colors are perfect. Also, I’m in Texas and our temps have gone up and down, too.

  3. Your home looks so fresh and pretty for spring! Love your beautiful bedding and all of your other spring touches!

  4. Jill,
    I love all your refresh ideas and I’ll share a link on tomorrows DRA!

  5. Thanks Heidi! Springtime sure makes all the lighter blues feel so fresh.

  6. Great tips Jill! I loved seeing so many spaces in your home decorated for spring, your use of blue is so inspiring!

  7. Thanks Shelley! So fun to be a part of such a lovely tour of homes.

  8. Calypso in the Country says:

    Beautiful ideas! I love all the blue and white and the layered bedding. So pretty and springy! Great to tour with you!

  9. Beautiful! It looks so springy and fresh!

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