How to Make a Fairy Garden to Enjoy at Any Age

I just love fairy gardens! Did you know, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy them? They are such a cute way to add personality to a garden space. Let’s chat about how to make a fairy garden to enjoy at any age!

In 2020 we took a family trip to Cape Cod in July. While we were there we attended a garden tour that was part of the annual Hydrangea Festival. This cottage garden was amazing and had the best fairy garden ideas I had ever seen. I was so inspired!

When I came home, my granddaughters and I created a little fairy garden in their backyard next to their playhouse that I had upgraded. We have been hooked ever since. I am currently working on some easy fairy garden ideas for my own garden. I can’t wait to show you the inspiration I got from this incredible space.

how to create a fairy garden

Exactly, what is a fairy garden?

Fairy gardens are little outdoor decorative gardens that have an enchanted, magical theme. Think of woodland sprites and magical pixies that reside in their own little woodland world. This nature fairy garden is where everything should be small scale, to size for your mystical friends. 

A fairy garden is actually a great option to place in hard to grow areas. Other than some small garden plants, most items that make up a fairy garden will be things that don’t need to worry about direct sunlight or good soil. 

how to create a fairy garden

Fairy gardens are a great place to let your creative juices and imagination run wild. If you have ever wanted to live inside a fairy tale, making a tiny garden is your chance.

What is needed to make a fairy garden?

Very little space is required to make a fairy garden. In fact, you can even make one within a medium or large container. The main thing you need to make this mini garden is a desire and your imagination!

how to create a fairy garden

These miniature gardens are such a fun place to lose yourself in the planning and executing of this magical little space. They are even a great way to solve a problem in the garden if you have a space where nothing will grow. How many miniature accessories you need will all depend on the space you have or plan to use for your little fairy garden.

how to create a fairy garden

Choosing the right location for your fairy garden

A few things to consider when planning where your fairy garden will go:

  • the location to other plants or trees 
  • the view to it from INSIDE the house
  • the view from all sides as it is seen
  • the possibility of destruction by other small animals or pets

Obviously, a fairy garden can be placed in areas where plants are hard to grow, as live plants are not necessary. It can even be a great way to utilize an old tree stump.

how to create a fairy garden

Choose a spot with good drainage, so during heavy rain, the tiny items won’t wash away. If wanting one contained in the outdoors, consider using planter boxes, a whiskey barrel planter, terracotta pots, or even a window box.

You can also create an indoor fairy garden in a container if you choose. Whether a small pot, or a larger vessel, an indoor garden looks great using real plants. A fairy garden would be a great option to reuse an old fish tank! Once again, just use your imagination and start with what you have on hand. 

how to create a fairy garden

Gather items and inspiration

Figure out what kind of fairy garden you are interested in. My favorite kind is the one that incorporates the actual garden or outdoor space around it, and fits in seamlessly.

But fairy gardens can be put anywhere that you want to add a little magic to your garden space. There are tons of fun ideas on Pinterest to gain inspiration.

Spend this time daydreaming about what little magic you want to create, and then you will know what types of things to look for when you head out into the garden.

After you have figured out the what kind you would like to create, and where it can go, the next step will be the fun part!

how to create a fairy garden

Begin to gather the items you might have on hand that you can use. Once you assess what you have, you will know what larger pieces or small details you will need for creating your mini garden.

Buying fairy garden supplies

You don’t have to run to your nearest garden center just yet for supplies. Now that you know what kind you want to create and where it might go, you can come up with a plan to make it happen. Let’s talk about your starting point.

Will you be starting with a fairy house? Is there a little crook at the bottom of a tree that can be made into a fairy garden door? Whatever it is, begin with a focal point, that all of your DIY fairy garden ideas can sprout from.

how to create a fairy garden

You can add miniature plants, small pebbles for a river rock look, and a little bridge. You don’t want anything too overbearing that will cover your chosen area. Check out a pet supply store in the fish aquarium section for small items and tiny colored pebbles.

Ground cover plants work great in a fairy garden space due to their usual low profile. You want to be able to see your small houses, tiny furniture, decorative rocks, and have someone know that it was put together for a reason. Just keep everything that makes up your little fairy garden to a smaller scale.

how to create a fairy garden

Making your own fairy homes 

A fairy garden house can be easily made with a bit of imagination and a hot glue gun! You can start with an inexpensive wood bird house, and add elements that make it look authentic.

Think of small sticks, pinecone petals, moss, pebbles, tree bark, and other natural items of what is available in your yard. I would cover up the bird house hole with moss or something so you can create the look of a miniature fairy door and not just one for birds.

I am working on making a few with my granddaughter in the next few weeks. Check back here to see how they turned out.

how to create a fairy garden

Don’t forget all the little add-ons. Create a pebble path leading up to the fairy house, with twigs for tiny trees. There are so many fun things you can do! Once your mini fairy garden is established with tiny polymer clay figures, everyone will know it is for fairies.

Using found and natural materials

I remember back in like 1990, we were living in San Diego and I was watching a morning show featuring the new lifestyle guru, someone named Martha Stewart. She was talking about making wreaths or some sort of decoration and she said, “just go outside and look in your backyard or the woods near your house” and I remember laughing out loud!

how to create a fairy garden

The woods near my house? What would I find, a tumbleweed? Ha! That was a bit dramatic, but I was convinced there was nothing there, I was surrounded by concrete. Now I know better.

Wherever you live, there are natural elements waiting for you! In your backyard, you can find many things that can help you create your mini garden. Start with pebbles, pinecones, acorns, sticks, and rocks.

If you have woods near your house, you can forage more for moss, fallen bark, vines, and other natural materials. But wherever you are, there should be some kind of natural plants that work in your climate that will help you create a bit of fun.

how to create a fairy garden

Next, raid the garden shed or garage and look for mini terra cotta pots, wooden bird house, jute twine, and popsicle sticks. Little fences or twig bridges can easily be made by weaving a few items together. I made this little one for my granddaughters. Once you start looking, you will find stuff and that imaginative play can start.

Where to shop for fairy garden items

This is where you can think outside the box a bit. Home Depot sells great landscaping rocks that we have used for ‘mountain ranges’ in a fairy garden. The local craft store, like Hobby Lobby or even Walmart, will have small items made specifically for fairy gardens or crafting your miniature houses.

how to create a fairy garden

I know my local dollar store has a fairy garden section during the right seasons. A trip to your local nursery will give you a better selection of small scale plants that will fit into your garden, especially if you are choosing the container route. Succulents work great for this and need little maintenance.

Don’t forget about thrift stores, garage sales, or estate sales for old bird houses, tiny pots, and other garden items that can add to the fun of your little creation.

As mentioned, you can also really great stuff in the fish aquarium department of a pet supply store. The prices are usually a lot lower, and these items are used to being immersed in water, so they are great for outdoors!

how to create a fairy garden

Of course, Amazon has some amazing solar fairy lights that would be a great finishing touch for your garden at night. I always keep an eye out for items when I am out on the hunt for vintage. You just never know what you will find. 

Start your own fairy garden adventure

The most important thing…just start today! You can gather items as you go and make fun additions here and there as you find them.

This can be the one little DIY project you won’t have to stress about! And it’s fun to involve the kids. My granddaughters are always asking to add something to our fairy garden, so each time I visit them, I pack a tiny little something in my suitcase. 

how to create a fairy garden

I know that just like a vegetable garden, a little fairy garden can bring joy over and over. It is a great addition to any yard!

Follow along with me as I gather and share more ideas. 

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Tell me in the comments, have you ever made a fairy garden? I’d love to hear all about it!

how to create a fairy garden


  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you come make one for my girls?

  2. They are so fun to create and you can add things as you go! Have fun.

  3. I have been waiting for this post ever since you mentioned your fairy gardens. Hopefully I can do one with the girls this summer. You have given me the inspiration!

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