Jill’s Weekend in New England

Traveling always brings good inspiration. Check out Jill’s weekend in New England.

One of the perks of having a husband who travels is occasionally he will ask, “do you want to come with me?”  Well, that depends; Vegas in the summer “NO thank you!”, Alaska in the winter “have you lost your mind?”, New England in the fall “yup! i’m in!”  So a few weeks ago we headed off to the northeast.

It wasn’t quite peak color, but the views were stunning nevertheless.

Lots of travel

We spent 15 years vacationing in Cape Cod while the kids were growing up, so we headed to Massachusetts to have a little stroll down memory lane and to visit a few of my favorite thrift stores.

My favorite place in the whole world…a Cape Cod beach in Eastham, MA on the bay side.

Shopping on the go

Needless to say, when we travel, I shop.  We have a little understanding that goes, if he doesn’t have to touch it, I can buy it and haul it home.  The general problem is usually the airline.  So on this trip (since I had flown into Boston) I was going to be limited to what I could fit into my carry-on and check as luggage (frequent traveler bonus: no luggage charge!)

This is the kind of stuff that is perfect to fit in a suitcase. I was so bummed about leaving the big stuff behind that I forgot to go back and get these. Duh!


Give a girl a challenge like that, and trust me, I am the master at getting things home.  I once shopped in Chicago on the Magnificent Mile and bought a vintage table from Ralph Lauren that they had been using as a prop in the store window, I could not pass up.  I boldly put it right in the overhead bin and flew home to California!

This was a petite chaise but not quite the overhead bin size. I was daydreaming of a paint and upholstery re-do for my future grandchild. Oh, and it was $60! (sniff, sniff)

Getting it home

I also purchased a large pot rack made from a vintage ladder in Idaho once while visiting my sister and was appalled at the rates UPS wanted when I tried to ship it home.  So I took it to the airport with me, finagled a deal and checked it in luggage on the next leg of my trip to Washington to meet my husband for the weekend (you should have seen his face when he picked me up at the airport) and then back on the plane a few days later for it’s ride home to Michigan!

Sadly, I sometimes come across stuff that makes me want to cry, because I know that unless I am changing plans and renting a huge van to get home, I am leaving stuff behind.

Life is cruel that this beauty could not be mine! I mean seriously, I’m getting weepy just seeing this photo.

Weekend in New England

After the spin through the Cape (where I picked up many cool things to sell at the store) we headed to Newport, Rhode Island to do some mansion tours and then on up to Maine to our destination.  We stayed at this adorable bed and breakfast in Hallowell, Maine where hubby was having meetings so I would get a few days to treasure hunt by myself.

The Maple Hill Farm B & B sits on a hill overlooking a beautiful valley of tree tops and rolling hills


My first day out, I stayed somewhat local and found some cool things that were breakable and quickly filling my carry-on.  The second day, I ventured out with no real itinerary but with the hope of fabulous discovery.  I stopped at a few random places that were quickly making me sad.

This is ideal…an open sign with junk out front! I want to put junk in my trunk!


When you see a place like this, you just gotta stop!


It’s torture to find cool things, with CHEAP prices and have to walk away.  I realize there are truly horrible things in life like world hunger and cancer, but leaving amazing treasures behind simply because the airline wouldn’t dig me trying to check them as luggage is just sad and wrong.

Oh the projects I could do with all this stuff!

As the day progressed, I was finding the coolest stuff at the scariest of places.

I think this place was called “Elmer’s” and had a treasure trove of weirdness and wonder!


I love the feeling of adrenalin and fear as you creep through an old building that is creaking and swaying as you walk (obviously NOT up to current building code) and wondering if you might get attacked (by creepy people, bats or rodents) in a field of junk in the middle of nowhere.

Here I am in the sketchiest attic I’ve ever been in. Terrifying, but look at those fabulous shutters!


This is why I don’t white water raft or hang glide, I have enough adventure in my life!  I did find many treasures that made their way back to Bungalow 47 and wait til you see what I bought in New York the following weekend.  I’m sure it raised some eyebrows going through the luggage x-ray.  

And when in Maine, just add butter!


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Be happy, Jill


P.S.  For those of you who are ‘fanilows’ like me, don’t you love the title?  Leave a comment if you know what that means!

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  1. Don’t have a clue what it means but I loved following your adventure!

  2. Could you tell me the name of the B&B in Hallowell, Maine? We’re planning a trip to Maine next summer.

  3. Bungalow 47 says:

    Yes! It is the Maple Hill Farm Bed & Breakfast in Hallowell, Maine (just outside Augusta). I HIGHLY recommend it! The food is outstanding, it is a wonderful inn and the proprietors (Vince and Scott) have literally thought of everything so there is nothing you would miss. You can find it at http://www.maplebb.com

  4. I have NO CLUE what you mean by Fanilows, but if you ever need a road buddy…I’m in. You can drive the Uhal. I”ll navigate! 🙂 WOW! Lots of cool stuff…

  5. Weekend in New England is one of my FAVORITE Barry Manilow songs!!! When I read your blog title I immediately started singing it in my head:-) Love the pics of your trip…I had one of those creepy experiences in an off the beaten path antique shop today…there were maniquins around every corner in vintage clothes & I just knew something was going to jump out at me any second. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough, lol!

  6. Bungalow 47 says:

    Stacie, thank you for your comment and FINALLY, a fanilow like me! That’s right boys and girls, a “fanilow” is what they call a fan of Barry Manilow (and I mean really, who isn’t? we are just willing to admit it!) “Weekend in New England” was a wonderful hit from Barry and I will be singing it in my head the rest of the evening!

  7. Connie Barton says:

    It’s nearly a year since the last post, but, in case anyone tunes in, downtown Hallowell is lined with antique shops and junk shops. And good food. Then there’s the Fairfield Mall just beyond Waterville. Don’t miss the stuff out front of their second building. BTW, when I was a kid, I walked past the Maple Hill B and B on my way to school and, no, you didn’t snitch an apple from that tree along side the road or you’d get yelled at even though the house was way up hill up that long driveway. It was the Gregoire farm then. Elmer’s is scary but fun. Bring a flashlight. Now a Californian with annual trips home to Hallowell.

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