Bring it On Home!

I recently traveled to a flea market in New York and had to get creative with my treasures to bring it on home.

Headed to the Flea Market

I recently attended the Stormville Flea Market in Stormville, NY that is frequently featured on the HGTV show Flea Market Flip.

What brings happiness? A sign like this!


I had high hopes for the day, feeling that I might find something special.  After making the full loop of the flea market and sampling yummy food there (even though we had just had breakfast and it was still early), I ended up finding THE FIND.

Those New Yorkers know their food! Even at a flea market, it’s good!


After a slick negotiation (“can I get it home?” and “gee, that’s more than I wanted to spend”) I was the proud owner of something special.

Something similar, but not as good as what I got. Do you see it?

Hmmm, now how to get it home to Michigan?

Packing it Up

Hubby suggested we just pack it up and ship it, but that fell on deaf ears.  Part of the ‘thrill of the hunt’ is getting it home, for FREE (well, sort of)!  He knows me well enough to know that I was going to get my way, so luckily he remembered there was a vendor we passed that was selling large duffle bags.

Now which booth did we see those in?

How to Get it Home

Every time I travel to treasure hunt, I am always wishing I had brought an extra foldable bag, so this was my chance to get one.  We found one with the right measurements (only $20!) and we were off.    Over hurdle one.  The only problem, we were heading into New York City where we were returning our rental car and checking into a hotel for a few days.

Hubby dropped me and the luggage at the curb of the hotel, where I checked our bags into storage until our room was ready.

Nothing like a slice of real New York pizza, especially Spinach and Artichoke, yum!


We returned the car and got a snack, then came back to get the luggage into the room.  Over hurdle two.  After a few days of fun, it was time to head to the airport.  I packed up all the other finds in my luggage and called the bellman.  As we were getting into the taxi, the cabbie picked up the duffle and asked, “What the heck is in here?”  Hmmm, probably not the first time I will hear that today.  Over hurdle three.

We dragged our bags to the airline counter to check in.  The attendant raised an eyebrow, “This should be interesting in x-ray!” but checked us in with no problem.  Over hurdle four.  Last leg is just hoping it gets to Detroit baggage claim in one piece and dragged out to our car to get home.  Hurdle five and six, check and check!

Cardboard helped to protect it on it’s journey.

Now for the reveal!



So this is how my little pedal car made it all the way from New York to Michigan, without putting any extra miles on it!

On it’s perch in the store, until it finds a new permanent home! Maybe yours?


Wait until you see what Chantelle did with a similar one, it’s amazing!  You can read about that here.

Until then, be happy, Jill


  1. Very Cool Jill ~ Looks awesome on top of that armoire too!  Mama always said ~ if there’s a will, there’s a way!  Glad it all worked out for you!!

  2. Janis Miller says:

    This is just too cool…I love these old toys.

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