Vintage Milk Glass for Entertaining to Christmas Decor

It’s that time of year where we are all decorating and making things pretty for the holidays. So let’s talk about vintage milk glass for entertaining to Christmas decor. It’s such a good collection to add to or start!

vintage milk glass for entertaining and christmas decor

Is vintage milk glass worth anything?

People often ask if vintage milk glass is worth anything. I would answer, that depends on whether you are talking about money or sentiment.

Money wise, milk glass is affordable. Many pieces can be purchased for $10 and above, depending on the size and use of the piece. But for me, milk glass is worth far more than just a unit price.

I received my first piece of milk glass from my maternal grandmother. After that, I was off and running. This was way back when I was a teenager and I have been collecting and curating milk glass ever since.

Fenton milk glass perfume decanter my first piece of milk glass that started the collection

So there is so much sentiment wrapped up in a collection like this, and it’s more than just a decor style.

How can you tell if milk glass is vintage?

Knowing if milk glass is vintage glass comes after lots of learning and shopping. But you can begin to tell, especially by noticing any seams or mold lines.

It’s so weird to think that it is still made today. Recently I purchased from Walmart these adorable little ramekin bowls. Being white glass, they match seamlessly with all of my older items. And being so cute and a lower price, made them such a great find.

vintage or new milk glass for entertaining and christmas decorating

Although my own collection is quite vast, I am not a stickler for whether something is vintage or not. But most of the time, I am only searching for vintage milk glass.

What is the most sought after milk glass?

The most sought after vintage milk glass (to me) is whatever you are using, in the pattern you adore.

I love items with a scalloped edge, hobnail pieces, in items that are useful. Grape patterns are popular, but I tend to find these fussy.

table display on a vintage quilt milk glass

I love some of the patterns that look like quilts, and simple fluted shapes. When searching, consider the current style of dishes that you have which will be seen side by side next to your milk glass.

Find pieces that you will use daily. From serving dinner to holding your favorite snack, search for patterns that make you happy. Don’t ever choose something just because it is trendy.

vintage milk glass christmas decorating decor

When collecting vintage milk glass, most people want to search for patterns and shapes that remind them of something from their past. The nostalgic feel that it brings will prompt you to want to use it more, along with creative ways to incorporate it everyday.

Favorite vintage milk glass styles for Christmas decor

There are so many great styles and shapes to use milk glass in your Christmas decorating.

The white glass matches so many styles from a simple elegant look, to modern farmhouse, kitschy vintage, and more.

old milk glass bowls for entertaining and decorating holidays christmas

These are some favorite things that work great throughout the holidays.​

Milk glass bud vases

Milk glass vases are great for holding simple greenery and florals. Use them to display vintage tree toppers, skinny trees, and figural light bulbs.

vintage milk glass display old christmas mercury tree toppers and ornaments

You can use the tallest vases to add length to a special ornament or topper. The small vase will provide just the right lift for a special decor item.

Milk glass cake stands

Vintage milk glass cake stands not only hold all the goodies and treats of the season, but are great bases to create beautiful displays.

vintage cake plates for christmas decor with glass ornaments

Stack several together, add bowls, and create the look you need for your display easily with a variety of pieces.

Milk glass planters

Planters are multi purpose and can hold many things. There are so many pretty ways to use them.

I love to use them to hold tissue or other bathroom necessities for guests.

milk glass planters for decor and decorating at christmas and entertaining

Pair them with cake stands, and they become pedestal bowls for your vintage ornaments.

Milk glass compotes

Milk glass compotes are the best and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They look great holding Christmas glass ornaments or natural elements.

vintage milk glass with glass ornaments christmas decorating

The best part of using milk glass as decor as it works for any budget. There are so many different ways to use compotes. Always search for those in good condition, and a variety of sizes. 

vintage milk glass plates and cake stands christmas decorating ornaments

Vintage milk glass for entertaining

I use my milk glass collection everyday, as our daily place setting. I have a variety of bowls I have collected over the years.

Milk glass matches everything since it is a dense white glass. Even paired with an inexpensive white plate, it can make the entire display seem special.

vintage milk glass entertaining at christmas bowls

I am one that believes collections should be used, viewed, touched, moved, and loved. And even though this turn of the last century glass can be delicate, I favor the pieces made en masse during the 40s and 50s as they are a bit hardier for everyday use. And yes, I do put mine in the dishwasher.

Milk glass plates and platters

When serving or displaying food, I only use plates that remain in excellent condition with no chips. I also like the plain white milk glass versus those with hand painted details. 

Christmas cookie alternative on milk glass platter

Milk glass candlesticks

Candlesticks were made for a vintage Christmas! Pair them with bottle brush trees or specialty candles for one of kind Christmas decor.

vintage milk glass candlesticks with bottle brush trees christmas decor and ornaments

Milk glass pitchers

A variety of sizes work great for entertaining. Sauces and dressings can be served in the smaller creamer size pitchers. The larger full size pitchers can serve juice or water beautifully.

I even have a large hobnail ice bucket that always looks pretty out near the beverage fridge.

vintage milk glass ice bucket holiday and christmas entertaining

Milk glass dessert bowls

Mini pedestal dishes are the perfect size for desserts, fruit, and jellos. They can even be put out as a display on the buffet table so anyone who doesn’t like certain food touching others can utilize them.

vintage milk glass dessert glasses for entertaining at holidays and christmas

Milk glass butter dishes

It’s so nice to have a lovely dish that can sit out for butter. Milk glass is a great choice.

If you find them, buy multiples if you have the space to store them, and if you usually have several tables at a bigger party.

vintage milk glass butter dish holiday entertaining

Consider it the perfect gift

Vintage milk glass is a unique gift for anyone who loves a bit of style. Be on the lookout through the year to collect stacks of plates, or the perfect piece to gift someone at the holidays or anytime.

A covered dish, such as a candy dish, can be filled with goodies and become part of the gift given. File a large bowl or compote with glass Christmas ornaments or any other treat, therefore providing two gifts in one. 

vintage milk glass christmas decorating ornaments red and green

Expanding your collection

As I said, I have been collecting milk glass for so long. Last year I decided that I would be on the hunt for the figural Christmas bulbs made from milk glass. So far I have found one Santa Claus, since I am looking for figural bulbs that have the bulb cover on the top, with the tube part that can sit inside a vase. But I won’t give up!

vintage christmas milk glass figural bulb in milk glass vase for christmas decor

Shop thrift stores and antique shops frequently for vintage items you are looking for, and before you know it, your collection will bloom. Focus on high quality pieces, with no chips, and in the favored pattern you adore. 

vintage christmas planters for decor tree

For more ideas and tips on collecting vintage milk glass, read this post. Follow me on Pinterest for inspiration for all your home decor.


  1. It’s hard to find good milk glass butter dishes. This is one of my faves. Thanks for noticing.

  2. I love the butter dish! It is all beautiful, but I haven’t seen one of those like that. Beautiful!

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