I Need a Makeover

Chantelle and I are always out picking for vintage finds. We are always finding furniture, that if they could talk would say, I need a makeover!

Furniture Makeover

Climbing out of bed in the morning and walking by the mirror can be scary at times.  I often think, “man, I need a makeover!”  Sometimes we find furniture that is just screaming for a redo.  Maybe it knows that if it were to not get one, it would end up unloved and dumped on the side of the road. Frankly, we might still find it.  I think I have mentioned before that we are certainly not above trash picking. 

Actually I have a funny story about that… One day I received a text message from a friend who said, “I’m on ‘X’ Road and just drove by a piece of furniture in someone’s trash that looks like something you would like”.  Conveniently, that was very close to where I knew Chantelle happened to be visiting family. I quickly texted her and relayed the info.  Within about 3-4 minutes she sent a text back, “Got it!”  I laughed my head off!  Man, that girl is on it!  We just can’t resist an opportunity for a furniture makeover!

Transformation in the making


dresser furniture makeover

We have given a lot of furniture makeovers over the years.

Painting furniture

When we find items, sometimes a little more is needed than just love.  Gluing, nailing, painting, and repairing are sometimes required but the rewards are “oh so good”!  We do have a small group of people we see occasionally who are appalled that we would actually paint ‘antiques’.  We laugh at their disdain.  Not because we are renegades (well, kind of) but simply because we would never paint legitimate antiques. 

Consider a real antique as the beauty queen in school.  She’s elegant and confident and just doesn’t need any help knowing how fabulous she is.  We prefer to help the homely girl.  The one who hasn’t yet discovered that she is, indeed, fabulous and has much to offer.  We save the one that has been overlooked for being awkward or seemingly useless.  Frankly, we are esteem builders for furniture everywhere!

Waiting for their spotlight


Should you paint antique furniture?

When assessing whether or not a piece should be redone, here are a few tips.  First, think outside the box.  A dresser can be used in the kitchen or dining room as a fabulous sideboard offering tons of storage.  Bookcases are great in a bathroom to stack towels and toiletries.  Hutches can be used in bedrooms, even displaying flat screen TVs above and providing storage below.  Stack tables and trunks for eye catching displays and maximum storage and the possibilities are endless for side and coffee tables! 

blue dresser furniture makeover

Second, life is too short, live a little.  Paint an old piece a bright new color for a jolt of fabulous in a room.  You cannot live your life with beige anymore!  If you get sick of it, just paint it again.  I can almost hear a few of you saying, “sure that’s easy for you” but actually it’s easy for you as well.  Just come in and check out our line of chalk and clay paints.  It is a clay and chalk base that can cover most projects with little or no prep work.  No priming or sanding, just paint and go!

Studio 47


Warehouse Sale

This weekend happens to be our semi-annual Warehouse Sale!  This is the time where we open our back studio (known as Studio 47) and sell all the super cool stuff we have been hoarding all year.  You can come and peruse our stacks of tables, chairs, dressers, buffets (all priced at bargain prices) that are waiting for that loving redo that you can provide.  It is the ultimate DIY-er event!  The cool part is, as far as sales go, this is fun because it is stuff you haven’t seen before.  

Most stores like to have sales of items that they have been trying to sell and are now reducing to get rid of.  Always trying to be different, we even structured our SALE to be unique since this is awesome stuff that you haven’t seen on our floor.  It’s ‘new to you’ and waiting for it’s makeover!

Don’t worry, we really might have it all priced and organized by the weekend 🙂


black dresser makeover


There is something quite fabulous about making something better than it was.  Talk about a self esteem boost!  With little effort you can take a piece from drab to fab and have the bragging rights as bonus.  There is nothing quite like having someone admire a piece you have revitalized and then humbly (hee, hee) admitting, “oh I did that!”  And on those days when we don’t quite look our best, we can rest assured, at least the furniture looks amazing!

Be happy, Jill



  1. I think I am in love! Now I must come visit you! So much space, so much cool stuff.

  2. I just wanted to thank you a lot more for your amainzg web-site you have designed here. It truly is full of ideas for those who are seriously interested in this subject, especially this very post. You really are all so sweet and also thoughtful of others in addition to the fact that reading your site posts is a fantastic delight to me. And such a generous surprise! Mary and I really have pleasure making use of your tips in what we should do in a month’s time. Our listing is a mile long so your tips will definitely be put to very good use.

  3. I’m so sad because I missed this fabulous sale!  It’s like looking at a candy shop!  Can’t wait for your next one!  I was able to go to your store this weekend and wow….I am in love!   You have a great eye for style and design, and wonderful items at great prices!  It won’t be long before I’m back!

  4. Bungalow 47 says:

    Maybe you have a filter on your computer that is blocking the photos. Chantelle

  5. I so wish I could come, but motherhood calls…dance recital weekend! Have fun. If you don’t sell the round pedestal table in the second pic up….keep me in mind!

  6. Oh, my. Wished I lived close by I would certainly be there.

  7. OMG, I so wish I was closer so I could come to your sale!! What potential I have spotted in the pics for some awesome eye candy!!! I’ll have to settle for a few of the pieces I have here that are awaiting a coat of paint….AND my samples of CeCe arrived this week! I’ve used ASCP but so excited to try these! Have fun at your sale!

  8. I want to work at Studio 47! Put me on the payroll…..will work for paint 🙂

    You have some awesome stuff!

  9. Love your ideas !!!!

  10. This is driving me crazy!  Your pictures are not showing up and I can’t figure out why!  Anyone else have a problem?

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