How to make concrete pumpkins

Cooler temps are in the air, and it’s time to pull your fall decor out and get Halloween projects going. Concrete pumpkins are a cool idea and are a super easy fall project that will stand the test of time, and assure that your pumpkins don’t get kicked over on Halloween! Let me show you how to make concrete pumpkins.

This DIY concrete pumpkin idea is super cute, and is a great project for front porch decor that won’t mildew, go missing or end up smashed! They are a fun project to make with kids, but definitely need to be supervised.

What supplies do I need to make concrete pumpkins?

  • concrete mix in a bag 
  • a large bucket to mix concrete and water
  • trowel
  • plastic pumpkin pail or pumpkin mold
  • large Solo cups
  • plastic wrap and cooking spray (to prevent sticking)
  • Bungalow 47™ Furniture Paint in a variety of colors
  • a large brick, sanding block, and a utility knife (not shown, but needed)

How many concrete pumpkins will it make?

We got two pumpkins out of one bag of mix concrete. Warning: once you start making crafts with concrete mix you will be hooked, and looking for another great idea of more concrete crafts!

paint and concrete project

To make concrete, add water to the concrete mix as directed. Wear a dust mask (we all have leftover CoVid masks, don’t we?) to protect yourself from the dry mix. The texture should not be too runny. Having the right consistency will give you a better finished product.

Spray the inside of the plastic pumpkins, so the cement mix won’t stick to the surface. Watch for thorough coverage!

This dollar store plastic pumpkin shape makes a great pumpkin mold. When you are ready, the eyes and mouth indents can be painted or turned around if you choose to decorate your pumpkins with more fall decor and less Halloween features.

Concrete pumpkins using cement mix

Pack the wet concrete mix into the pumpkin pail or plastic mold using a large spoon or trowel, smacking it down onto the ground every now and then to minimize air pockets and make sure the concrete settles evenly. This is an important step, so don’t forget! You want consistency in your mixture, and relieving the air pockets helps.

diy concrete pumpkins

Leave a little room at the top, so the solo cup can form a center vase shape which can be used as a candle holder too. Spray the solo cup too!

Insert the cup into the center of the concrete. Push firmly down all the way, and wipe away any concrete overspill quickly. Some concrete cures quickly so don’t skip this step.

Concrete crafts are fun

Cover with plastic wrap so you can place something heavy on it, this way the cup will stay in place. If you don’t do this, whatever you put on it to weigh it down will stick to the concrete.

Make concrete pumpkins from mixed concrete

Use a large brick or something heavy enough to do the job. Allow to dry for several hours or overnight. Drying time will vary depending on your climate.

concrete pumpkins

Revealing your concrete pumpkins

To reveal, slice the plastic pumpkin with a utility knife like an artichoke and peel back. Be careful not to cut too deep—you don’t want to scratch the cement finish.

diy concrete pumpkins

Wait! Drying time is important

Let the exposed concrete pumpkin cure a few more hours, if it still appears wet or damp (or whatever time is needed for your current weather).

concrete crafts

Time to paint your project and make it extra cute

Now, it’s ready for Bungalow 47™ Furniture Paint.

Getting ready to paint your concrete pumpkin

We have some fun colors that will make your concrete craft super special. Terracotta Tile is the perfect orange and classic choice, but the pumpkin can always be turned around so your front side is plain and not showing the Jack-o-lantern face if you prefer white farmhouse pumpkins!

painting concrete

Take special care to sand the top opening as to knock off any rough spots where you will be touching when adding other decorations.

Make concrete pumpkins for your porch decor

It’s time to decorate and create your pumpkin

Fill your pumpkin with fresh flowers, pickings or moss from the surrounding woods, candy, use as a candle holder, add dried or silk flowers and leaves, or whatever your creative mind can think up!

concrete crafts make fun diy concrete pumpkins

You can paint your pumpkin a million different ways, or try covering with fall napkins using mod podge You can fill it with fun fall decor that will really bring the spirit of the season to your porch.

Your concrete pumpkin is a keeper

how to make a cement pumpkin

Now this diy concrete pumpkin will last forever, and no one will try to kick it off your porch!

Making a diy concrete pumpkin

I hope you enjoyed seeing this diy concrete pumpkin craft. Save this pin to your Fall Decor Pinterest board so you can remember and maybe give it a try!

diy concrete pumpkins

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