Closing the Cottage for the Season

As fall comes to a close and winter fast approaches, we say goodbye to our little summer cottage. Closing the cottage for the season is always a bit sad because so many memories are made here. But there is an ease to moving into winter, and snuggling the cottage away for the season, that is peaceful too.

coastal cottage design

I will have to wait until next year for playing in the garden again. The fall offers a huge bounty of hydrangeas, slowly drying on the vines. I always go out and pick a big bouquet to enjoy inside, but I don’t put them in water. I can simply tie the stems together with a rubber band and let them dry right in a vase with no water.


Gardens at the cottage


Goodbye to long talks in the screened porch, and casual dinners around the table. We love this salad we call “The Cottage Cobb”. It really is a great way to clear the fridge of all the leftover veggies, and grilled chicken. I always make my fresh ranch dressing and even the kids love to eat this yummy salad!

Cottage food Cobb salad


Goodbye to summer naps and laziness. Until next year, we will wait to play in the warm water again. Even early or late in the season, the kids will venture in with bathing suits or their clothes on. They never mind the slight chill until the lake has warmed up, or dipping their toes as the days grow shorter.

chilling in the lake


Vintage Cottage Decor

Goodbye to wooden buoys. I will put away all the garden decorations for the season. I am thankful we have a shed to store everything in, as winter would surely weather items way quicker than we want them to be.

coastal decor


The bikes get oiled and tucked away in the garage, but even the rusty garden bike gets taken in.

garden at the cottage


Goodbye to little vintage table for visiting tiny people. I love this table. It was painted using Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint in the color Swimming Pool. The kids love to sit at their own table at dinner, with the dogs lurking nearby for droppings.

painted furniture


Goodbye to relaxing and game playing. Goodbye to summer days, lazily reading stacks of magazines, when taking a break from the sunshine. I know the dogs won’t miss the sound of fire works, that begin around July 4th, and somehow, continue through Labor Day.

cottage decor


Goodbye favorite vintage painting.

cottage decor


Goodbye to our version of a guest book.

coastal guest book


And goodbye to best outdoor shower in the universe! How I will miss your warm spray, with the sun beating down on my lake soaked skin.


Goodbye to our summer life at our cottage up north! I truly believe that cozy spots like this make for the best family bonding. We will miss this until next year.

Until spring, Jill

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