A little bit of paint, too many piles and some styling

Welcome to our Sunday Soda Sip for the weekly wrap up! Grab your drink and let’s get comfortable. Today I am going to share some funny things my hubby asks me along with, a growing pile, a little bit of paint and some styling.

a bit of paint and some styling

The project that won’t go away

This week I have been trying to finish up our primary bedroom. If you missed the final big piece to the design of it all, head over to this post when we’re done.

For me, I love layered rooms, and the wallpaper was the big thing I have been obsessing about for far too long.

DIY Batten and Board Wall with wallpaper

As my mother was declining last year, I just couldn’t wrap my head around what I wanted to do in this room. I had gotten enough gusto to do the board and batten walls, and then everything just stopped.

Do you ever just get stuck like that? My brain wasn’t really wanting to work, so while I was trying to decide what the crap to do, I began making piles. And by piles I mean, a bunch of crap that just didn’t need to be in the room.

Just make a pile

First pile was my tools and some painting supplies. I would eventually need to finish the room, so why not leave them, right?

Then each time we traveled to California to see my mother, I came back with drawings and stuff from my granddaughters. That became a little pile.

Off I went to 2 blogging conferences, a trip to the Atlanta Home Show Market, a couple international trips, and my pile grew. Why was I just looking at all these piles? Call it laziness, maybe grief, but I finally decided to pull my head out and get something done.

Time to finish this project

Last week I began putting the piles where they go. I had finally had enough and wanted to make the room pretty again. My hubby jumped into help and began vacuuming. We were on our way!

I wallpapered, cleaned up, dusted, vacuumed some more, and kept going. I found the weirdest stuff.

a bit of paint and some styling

Once the room was sort of done, I had to just sit in there to stare at it, it looked so pretty. I also had to devise a plan for what else I needed and what to do with my giant mirror. (Of course there is a story about the mirror and where it came from, but I’ll tell that later.)

Questions and the thrill of the hunt

First question from hubby: “So are you just going to sit in here all the time now?” (I was reading a book). Yes, it’s pretty now. I like it. Plus I need to make some decisions.


I decided I would try to find a shorter table that I could use a piece of marble I have been hoarding in the back of the coat closet for awhile. And ‘for awhile’ I mean like 20 years. I have dragged this piece around from house to house, each time we moved, waiting to use it in the perfect place.

I bought it at an antique shop eons ago, and paid like $5 for it. I only know that now, cause the price was written on it in Sharpie. (Who writes on marble with Sharpie!!!!??)

So this week I scoured Facebook Marketplace for something. I got zip. Nothing, nada, zilch.

Then on Friday I was at the antique market where I sell vintage. I wandered into my friend’s booth and noticed a table I had seen a million times before. Could this work? It looked like the right size.

Quick call to the hubby for some measurements. He’s like, “Oh no, now what are you doing?” Just roll with it. You’ll see. There’s a lot of that over here. You’ll just see. You will. Most of the time it will be cool.

A little bit of paint

This is what I came home with:

a bit of paint and some styling this started as a red table

After a quick trip to my warehouse for some paint, this is what I did.

Obviously our bedroom is not red. I needed to paint the table with cream first. I used the color Clawfoot Tub from our Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint line. I wanted to cover all the red color so it would not show when I went to distress it.

a bit of paint and some styling covering the red paint

I covered the table with 2 coats of the Clawfoot Tub. If you haven’t used our paint yet, you should. It’s awesome. I’m biased, but I don’t lie. It’s true.

a bit of paint and some styling painting the table

Next I put a coat of the Matte Finish over the cream paint. I did this to secure that, so I couldn’t distress through and see red. The finish would protect the paint.

a bit of paint and some styling matte finish

Next, I painted one coat with the color Shuttered Cottage. This is a really pretty, pale aqua blue. Perfect for the variety of blues we have going on in our room. Full coverage in one coat, and I’m almost done!

After it dried, I did a little wet distressing using an old wash cloth. I just put a bit of water on it, and then ‘distress’ the paint how you would with sandpaper so I could see a bit of cream paint showing through.

a bit of paint and some styling wet distressing technique

When everything was done, I just buffed it and it was ready.

What I got and how I styled it

After that, we hung up the heavy mirror and I finally got to see if everything came together in the room how it was in my brain.

The marble fit perfect on top of the little painted table! A pulled a lamp from my pile and a favorite picture (which is super cheesy but I love it. It was not staged.)

a bit of paint and some styling mirror and table marble

Then the questions began:

“Can I wash that yellow sheet?” No, it’s a drop cloth.

“Where did all this stuff come from?” Um, places.

a bit of paint and some styling marble and lamps

“What are you doing with that?” You’ll see.

“You just hung that wallpaper! You’re not making a hole in it are you?” Yes and no (I cut a little upside-down V and peel it back, then make the hole.)

“Why do you have so many of these (vintage wicker laundry baskets)?” I collect them.

a bit of paint and some styling with some wicker laundry baskets

“Why are there price tags on them?” Because I buy them, and then think I might sell them, so I price them high and ‘store’ them in my booth so no one will buy them, so I can keep them all. (Yes, hoarder)

That was fun. But we are in the home stretch, and I am just playing a bit with the space. The marble has finally come out of the closet (literally) and is out and proud! Look how perfect it fits!

a bit of paint and some styling marble perfect fit

More projects and more questions

I have my own questions: do I like it with the laundry baskets? Or without? Do I need a taller lamp? I think so. With a patterned lampshade. I like layers. Oh look, I found another laundry basket!

a bit of paint and some styling more baskets

I still have a little project I am doing with the roman shades on the window to customize them, but I am feeling good about the room. Some things just take time.

I was looking around and found this pretty handmade trinket jar that my daughter brought home from a trip to Greece. Isn’t it pretty? It’s always good to add items in 3s.

But this is where we are, and I think I like it! But enough with the questions. The rest will come together organically, but I think we are headed in the right direction. If you need any inspiration, follow me on Pinterest.

Soooo tell me, have you ever procrastinated about a project and taken forever? Tell me in the comments, I’d love to know. I hate to be lonely in indecisiveness.


  1. Lori Trowbridge says:

    Hey Jill…
    Love the little table with all your baskets! I am the same way when it comes to baskets… big and small.

    I also tend to make piles… when I clean and decorate… always looks worse before better.I call it my picking pile.

    Question for you… did you do the batten and wall board over the sheet rock ?

    Kelly and I need to order paint this week. We are at the shop Wednesday thru Saturday. If we need it delivered on those days , what is the best day to place an order?

    Hope you have a great week! Lori

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