9 Budget Halloween Decor Ideas to Make Now

We’re creeping up on that spooky time of year, where we can decorate for the Halloween season. Today I’m sharing 9 budget halloween decor ideas to make now, from me and my friends.

So I have this little group of blogging friends that I met in person at a blogging conference in July and what a fun bunch they are! So we decided to share some budget Halloween decor ideas that you can get going on now before October hits.

fall foliage

I loved seeing everyone’s projects because we are all blogging in a variety of genres and it is so fun to see the different styles that people like to decorate their homes with for Halloween.

I mean, variety is definitely the spice of life, so I know you will find something here that suits your style or skill level.

With the focus being ‘budget Halloween’ decor, all the projects are super easy to accomplish and won’t break the bank.

You may even have some of the craft items needed to accomplish these budget decor projects just lying around! That will make it even easier to get started.

Let’s start with one of mine, a timeless choice:

How to Make Cement Pumpkins

You never know you need or want cement pumpkins until you have the neighborhood pranksters out kicking over everyones pumpkins. This one they won’t kick, and if they do, well that is what you call karma.

budget Halloween decor cement pumpkins

But these cement pumpkins are so fun to make! Using a plastic pumpkin bucket from the dollar store will keep you on budget for your Halloween decorations crafting. And the bag of cement is just a quick stop at your local Home Depot, they will even load it in your car.

Read how to make cement pumpkins here.

Halloween Decor from Dead Houseplants

You guys, I absolutely loooove this idea from my friends Chica and Jo! I mean, Halloween decor from something dead, come on! Totally brill.

I have sprayed plenty of dried hydrangea in my day (mostly for Christmas decor) but this Halloween hack is sooooo good.

I may have mentioned before that I am an indoor plant killer. Not on purpose, I just don’t have that green thumb indoors. Outdoors, I can hang, but haven’t we all killed a plant now and then?

budget Halloween decor from a dead house plant

With this Halloween decor idea, this makes me want to purposely be a plant killer!

Click here to read her full story about how she made this Halloween decor. It’s soooooo good!

DIY Bedazzled Sugar Skull

Next up is my friend Molly. Molly is a hoot, and every time I saw her at the conference we attended, she was sitting and bedazzling something! Gotta love a girl who loves her rhinestones.

Molly is a youTuber and has lots of fun projects on her channel, Good Golly Gal.

Check out this video where she tells us all about where she found this skull and how she bedazzled it for Halloween.

Halloween Hand Embroidery

Okay, if bedazzling isn’t your jam, and you are looking for something more tame, then you will love my friend Katy.

Katy is multi-talented from home DIY to stitching and sewing. When we were together at the conference, she was always wearing something adorable she had, of course, made herself or repurposed from another thing.

budget Halloween decor hand stitched kitchen towel

Since she loves stitching, she is sharing this super cute stitched kitchen towel. Of course, every room will need a little Halloween decor vibe, right?

Check out Katy’s post here.

DIY Thrifted Halloween Decor

You know I love me some thrifting, and apparently so does Mandi who found some floral decor and repurposed it.

budget Halloween decor from thrifted faux flowers

I love when you can take something that someone has discarded and give it new life. Halloween decor was a super fun option for these florals she found and they are totally different from your average orange and black Halloween decorations.

See what Mandi made with all the flowers here.

Budget Hanging Ghost Garland

Next up is Rhegis.

Rhegis loves a bargain and is busy showing her audience at The Morris Mansion that you don’t have to spend too much money to get the home you want.

This is such an important message, and she loves adding those design details that make a home unique. She’s speaking my language!

budget Halloween decorations hanging ghost garland

For this budget Halloween project, Rhegis made the cutest little floating ghost garland.

You can read all about it here for where she purchased her budget items and how she did it.

Okay, time to go outside for some outdoor Halloween decor.

Tomato Cage Halloween Ghost

Alex joined our little group after the conference, so I was unable to meet her face to face. But she has been making me ooh and ahh with all of her fabulous gardening projects on her blog.

So of course, Alex did a darling outdoor Halloween decor project using tomato cages to make ghosts! How cute is that?

budget Halloween DIY decor tomato cage ghosts

I could just see these all lined up on a porch, with lights in them for that perfect Halloween glow.

You can read about how she made these budget Halloween ghosts here.

DIY Giant Spider

Alicia decided to creep us all out and made a giant DIY spider!

I’m fine with little spiders that I can smash, but when I saw this one, it brought me right back to this picture I saw online of these ginormous spiders that are just cruising around Australia. If I saw one in the wild, I would freak out!

budget outdoor Halloween decor creepy giant spider

Good thing this one is fake. So if you want to creep out your neighborhood children for Halloween, this is a perfect project that will do it!

See what weird thing Alicia made this from here.

Faux Vintage Paper Mache Pumpkins

So this was a project made a few years back, but the technique will work the same if you want to make a stone looking pumpkin, without the heavy weight.

Simply change the paint colors that you choose for the project and don’t cut out the face.

budget Halloween decor from plastic pumpkins

See the techniques we used here to create this one of a kind Halloween decoration.

Don’t worry if you don’t have time for crafting right now, I got you. Check out these deals, and buy them early!

Budget Halloween Decor

Halloween Pumpkin Candles

These adorable pumpkin candles come with LED flameless lights so that you don’t burn your house down. $22

Cloche for something creepy

Fill this glass cloche with fake spiders, plastic eyeballs, or mini pumpkins. Whatever says Halloween to you. The little bat on the top gives just the right touch for Halloween decor. $10

LED Jack-o-Lanterns Pathway Lights

These could keep all your little trick or treaters safe as you light the path to your door with these cuties. You will look so festive. $25

I hope you enjoyed my little round up of budget Halloween decorations from a few of my blogging friends. Halloween will be here before you know it, so get busy!

Check out my Pinterest boards for more holiday inspiration, and tell me in the comments below which budget Halloween craft is your style!


  1. Thanks for the feature, Jill! I have a vintage pumpkin bucket from my childhood decor that is in need of an update and yours are inspiring me with all the possibilities.

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