27 Simple Tasks to Get Ready for Fall (for you and your Home)

Well, it’s that time of year where it seems summer is coming to a fast close, even though I’m in denial. But there are things you can do easily do to get ready for fall now. Here are 27 simple tasks to get ready for fall for you and your home.

fall colors in northern Michigan
adding fall elements to my home decor

How can I prepare my house for the fall season?

Fall fills like the time of year we get ready to tuck the house in for a comfy nap before winter. Looking over things and making sure everything is working properly can avoid costly repairs after it’s too late.

I live in lower Michigan, and we don’t have crazy winters here like places such as Minnesota, but there are things that are easier to do in earlier fall than later. Autumn is a much better time to check up on your winter equipment, before it gets too frigid. Working outside in warm air beats freezing cold, any day of the week!

For this California girl who actually prefers the seasons, the change is welcomed and I enjoy most tasks. So I’ve made a big ol’ list to help you prep for some of the things you might need, even if your season isn’t changing drastically.

getting ready for fall with sweatshirts

How to mentally prepare for the fall season?

Getting mentally prepared for the fall is something that is usually pretty easy to do when we have had a really hot summer. But lately, it’s been lovely, and I haven’t had to complain too much about the weather.

Sometimes you have those summers where you are sweating every darn day, then are just praying for the change of season! I get itching to wear jeans and a sweater, and closed toe shoes.

But there definitely is a mind shift heading into fall that needs to take place, for me anyway. Am I the only crazy one? I feel like I need a ‘TO DO’ list because we are heading into the fourth quarter on a freight train.

A list always gets me prepared, and I hope it will help you focus and get you in the mindset for the change of season.

snuggle in for fall

Why is home maintenance important to ready for fall?

I think we can all admit that home maintenance tasks need to be done. Outdoor work tends to be much more enjoyable when the whether is nice, instead of it being too cold.

No one wants to be having to clean or service things like a wood burning stove or their winter equipment when they are just going to use them. So let’s check these things off our lists so we can start enjoying the season.

clearing gutters for the fall and winter season

Simple tasks for fall home prep

Here is my list of 27 simple tasks to do to help you prep your home for fall and before the weather cools:

Clean and repair gutters

When you are out cleaning up the garden beds, and putting the outdoor furniture away, check out your gutters. It’s time to grab that ladder and get cleaning gutters.

If you’re lucky enough to have gutter screens protecting from fallen leaves, then make sure the downspouts are working properly and have no obstructions. Once the heavy rain comes, you’ll be glad you did.

Stock up on firewood + prep the fireplace

I can’t wait for chilly nights with a crackling fire! Nothing makes the house smell better, watching the flame flickers, and I love the sound. Do you love it too?

Get your firewood ordered and stacked, and set aside a nice basket nearby for when you want to bring it in the house.

If the fireplace wasn’t on your spring cleaning list, then it’s time to sweep it out and get it ready. Or if you need your chimney cleaned, then schedule that too.

Check in on your heating system

Fall is definitely the beginning of heating season, and time for your seasonal maintenance. Whether you have central heating, wood burning stoves, pellet burners or any other heating system, it’s time to get it checked out.

The furnace filters trap dust and need to be vacuumed or replaced. I prefer disposable filters that can just be exchanged, but some are really expensive. Clogged filters impede airflow and slow down your system.

Whatever your heating system and your budget needs, time to get it handled before the cold snap comes. Check all your carbon monoxide devices too, so you can stay safe! If you don’t have one, time to order!

Clean with a soft brush attachment

With chilly weather, I feel like we spend more time on the couch watching movies and sports. Football anyone?

Grab the vacuum cleaner and put on the soft brush attachment to clean under the sofa cushions and eliminate all the snack wrappers the kids have been shoving there.

It’s not exactly deep cleaning, but at least you’ll know you’re not rubbing all those crumbs of popcorn from summer months movie nights into the fibers of your sofa cushions.

This vacuum attachment is also great for cleaning out the dust found between your windows and the screen.

stock up on batteries before fall

Stock up on batteries

Why do those freaking smoke detectors only go off in the middle of the night? Make sure you have batteries on hand, along with ones you need for any carbon monoxide detectors you might have. Staying alive is nice.

Enjoy the ongoing yard cleanup

Raking leaves could be fun, especially if you have lots of help. And you’re the managing director and not the hired help.

Autumn cleanup does get me in the mood for winter. But trust me, I’m not anxious to get there, heating bills aren’t fun.

Make your ‘quick yard cleanup list’ so you can check off the necessities: storing outdoor furniture, clearing clogged gutters, securing fence panels as needed, sealing areas where heat loss can occur, winterizing the outside faucet, and more.

fall foliage

Check your window screens

The colder months in fall is the perfect time to sleep with the windows cracked. The cooler temperatures will keep you snuggled under your comforter. Plus breathing the cooler weather in just feels good, so make sure your window screens have no holes or didn’t come loose in a summer storm. No one wants extra critters coming in through open windows.

Tidy up the garage and store paint inside

If you’ve been working on summer projects, tuck away all those tools that got left out. If you live in a climate that gets freezing temperatures, store all paint products inside in the basement. Paint and stains should not freeze. Make room for the snow blower.

Bungalow 47 furniture paint

Quick fall decorating tips

Here are a few tips for decorating your home and making it comfy and cozy for the season.

Rethink your indoor lighting scheme

As the winter months loom, it’s time to rethink your lighting plan as it gets dark earlier. Will you need security lighting? Do you need any lights on timers, so you aren’t coming home to a dark house?

Can you switch any lamps to dimmer bulbs for mood lighting? Are the candles handy incase of power outages? Why do those only seem to happen when your phone is almost dying?

Update the entry and mudroom

Put summer jackets away and bring out the ones for fall months. Have a basket handy for often used beanies and scarves. Add extra throw rugs as needed.

Assess if the front door area needs a cleaning or paint touchup before having guests through the holiday months.

update mudroom for fall

Swap pillows and blankets

When temperatures start to drop, that calls for more snuggling on the couch. Trade out spring and summer throw pillows for fall choices. Stack blankets or quilts on a basket near the couch.

Blankets and throws will keep you warm so you can adjust the thermostat down a degree or two to save on utility bills. Prepare your home to be occupied more.

change out pillows for fall

Drag out the fall scented candles

Nothing says fall more than a cinnamon scented candle, filling your home with yummy scents. I prefer to not burn my house down, so I use a candle warmer instead of a lighted candle. You have a smoke detector, right?

A candle warmer is a great investment, especially if you forget stuff. This one is my favorite.

candle warmer is a fall must have

Switch out decorative bed linens

Fall is definitely the time to add a layer or two to the bed after sleeping with lightweight options through the summer. Layer a blanket, coverlet, quilt, so you can add and delete as needed to regulate a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Linen sheets are my favorite to sleep on year round, as they cool in the summer and keep heat in through the winter.

switch to fall bed linens

Add a boot tray

Early fall may be the perfect time to pull your boots out, which calls for a place to store them after tramping through the yard.

Place a boot tray near your backdoor, in the garage, in the mudroom, or wherever you would be removing your shoes before entering the house. This will save your rugs from the dirt and moisture brought in from the outdoors.

boots need a boot tray for fall

Freshen up your door mat

Check out your front door mat to see if it needs to be replaced. I like to buy one that can take me through many seasons, so I keep it generic. But if you like to decorate more for each season, this is a great place to start and show your guests how festive you are. Here are a few favorites.

Easy ways to take care of you this season

Now that you’ve readied your home for fall, let’s get you ready:

Update your reading list or join a book club

Falling leaves make me want to curl up and read a book! If you’re the same, it’s time to update your reading list.

I always check out Reese’s book club, along with Oprah’s. Check your local library, church group, or home owner’s association to see if there is a local book club you can join. If not, be bold and start your own!

All you need is a few book loving friends, which are easily found on Facebook or Instagram. If you’re not a book lover, try puzzles! My sisters and I swap 1,000 piece puzzles with each other so we can save money.

Clean out your sock drawer

I try to toss out socks as I wear them and discover they are hole-y. But inevitably I will always find more that need to go. Take a quick look and check out your sock drawer for pairs that can be retired before winter. Stock up on some new ones if needed. These have been my favorite over the years.

Buy cute slippers

In colder months, it is so nice to wear slippers inside. Who doesn’t get cold feet? I love the boiled wool slip-ons, as wool breathes and keeps your toes at a comfortable temperature, without getting too hot. Here are a few of my favorites I have purchased in the past: wool slippers, washable ones.

I also drag out my comfy robe so I’ll be warmer when getting ready in the morning.

a warm robe in the fall is cozy

Match your jammie pairs

If you’re anything like me, summer may have caused you to wear jammies as separates through the summer. And they always seem to get shoved in the wrong drawers.

Take a few minutes to match up tops with bottoms, and fold pairs together, so you can get your jammie drawers back into tip top shape for the season ahead. If you need new ones, try these. I have purchased my favorites from the past there and here.

Get out and enjoy the outdoors

Nothing is better than a walk outside or relaxing when the air gets crisp and the leaves are changing. Your home isn’t the only thing that needs seasonal maintenance! Take a walk and enjoy the changing colors.

You might even be inspired to decorate your home with some natural elements you’ve seen out on your walks.

Move fall favorites to the front of the closet

Taking a minute to update your closet is always something that is in my top tips for any season. Whether winter or spring, it’s time to pull those items you’ll be wearing more near eye level and to the front.

If you have your clothes in more than one closet, or use a cedar closet, switch your summer items for colder weather options. Do the same for your footwear. Get my favorite gingham sweatshirt here!

Check out this post on styling and organizing a small closet.

sweaters for fall

Clean out your nightstand drawer

Before the freezing weather starts wreaking havoc on your skin, clean out your nightstand drawers and update your hand lotion and lip balm options to keep moisturized through the coming cooler temps.

I also like to always have a small notebook or journal for those late nights I’m laying awake and thinking too much. I find that writing down my thoughts allows them to leave my head, and I have an easier time falling asleep.

Stock your drawer with the items you like to have handy such as tissue, nail clippers, or hair ties. That way you won’t have to climb out of a nice warm bed to retrieve something you might need.

prepping your home for the fall season

Make a list of your dream Q4 projects

The last quarter of the year always gets a bit crazy. Keep a list of the things you want to accomplish for the holidays. After the fall clean up is over, start going through the list so you will be prepared early for the holiday season.

Who knows, you might even get to relax this holiday season, since you will be so prepared!

Start Christmas shopping

I’m not gonna lie, I hate shopping in a panic. Now is a great time to begin ordering those gifts you know you will need (especially anything personalized) and get a jump on your shopping list.

I also like to buy multiples of small items from my “favorites list” that could be shared with friends, neighbors, or frequent service workers. This could include small items like; reusable wash cloths for the kitchen, favorite wire brush (I actually have one), candles, nuts or jams, or anything else you use often and swear by. See some favorites here.

People love to get small practical gifts that have been tested to be favorites! And an unexpected gift is always a pleasure to receive. If you want to really get ahead, consider creating a gift wrap station. This post will show you how.

getting ready for the fall and holiday seasons with early prep

Keep a watch list

In autumn and winter, I definitely spend a bit more time watching great shows on television. Ask friends for their favorite binge worthy series, and keep a list so you don’t forget.

When you are in the mood to watch something new, you’ll be ready. You never know, you might just find your next obsession.

Ways to tweak the kitchen for the fall season

Prepare your home and your kitchen for the changing seasons:

Stock up on fall food staples

When the weather chills, I definitely change how I cook during the week. Save money and stock up on the pantry items that help you create your favorite comfort foods.

Search the web for a few new food blogs where you can get some fresh ideas to create. One of my favorites is Half Baked Harvest, dee-lish!

Order your air fryer liners from Amazon

On a night where I don’t feel like cooking, I’d rather pull out the air fryer and make something quick than have to grab takeout. It’s also a good way to use all that stuff you’ve been buying from Costco.

Order liners for your air fryer from Amazon so you can spend less time cleaning. Once I discovered these, they were a game changer. They are also so easy to rotate the food, as the parchment paper slides easily around with ease.

prepping the kitchen for fall

27 Simple Tasks Done!

Okay friends, now that we are done prepping for fall, it’s time to settle in. I hope you will feel more prepared as we head into the holiday season and ready to spend more time with loved ones. For more inspiration, follow me on Pinterest.

Drop a comment below and tell me what is your favorite way to prep for autumn and the upcoming winter season. I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Great ideas. Your home is so lovely.

  2. Thanks Susan. Fall is coming so fast this year! Can’t wait for all the snuggling and hot chocolate!

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