Window Shopping – Top 10 Ideas for Projects

Attention all repurposers and craft enthusiasts! This week is the Bungalow 47 Expansion Sale! Beginning Tuesday, September 9 and going until Saturday, September 13, we will be having our (non) warehouse sale! It’s time to go window shopping – top 10 ideas of projects you can do with vintage windows.

This time it will be done slightly different and there will be lots of great deals, awesome furniture and cool items. In this sale, we have lots of old wood windows with the perfect amount of peely, chippy-ness for your next project. They came from a house I am renovating, and they have some great peel white paint.

Top 10 Project Ideas for Vintage Wood Windows

Jewelry Organizer 

With the addition of hooks or knobs, you can simply use the frame to hang wire to store earrings and more. You do not have to be an expert DIYer to accomplish this project.

Picture 14

Memo Board Project

Just add some chicken wire, and you’ll have a great place to clip photos, mementos, and other items you don’t want to lose. Super easy, but wear gloves and a staple gun will be needed.

Picture 16

Cabinet with Window Front

This will be a bit more of an advanced project, but building the box for the cabinet is pretty easy with some woodworking skills. Power saws will make this project a breeze.

Picture 17

Window Project with Shelf and Hooks 

this will require a bit of skill but still a very easy project. Adding brackets for a shelf, and hooks, makes this a perfect project for an entry hall.

Picture 18

From Window Frame to Picture Frame 

With a bit of Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint to color your window anyway you like, you can use this window as a picture frame. Have your photo enlarged to fit your window. This can be done on a budget using a large black and White House plans printer. Your local Office Max should have one to make large prints. 

Picture 19

Quotes and Pictures Tucked Behind the Window

More photos, but the addition of quotes makes this super special. This is an easy project for a beginner.

Picture 20

From Window to Coffee Table

This one requires more woodworking, but still is not difficult. A wood frame for the window to sit on will need to be constructed, where legs can then be added. Keep in mind safety of children when doing a project like this as most old windows being used in a project like this would not be safety glass.

Picture 21

Memory Board Project

using the window as a bulletin board of sorts, but obviously using tape and no pins! The frame can be decorated anyway you choose and this is a great way to add vintage style to a space.

Picture 22

Window Calendar 

This project is great if you found a frame with no glass or broken glass. If you need to remove the rest of broken glass, wear gloves and protective eyewear. You can’t be too careful when braking glass. This project requires a 1/4″ plywood board to match window size, painted using chalkboard paint.

Picture 23

Window Artwork 

In the hands of an artist, a window can become anything! Let your imagination soar. Of course, Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint can be painted on glass. Check out this post about painting on mason jars.

Picture 24

Come early to the sale for best selection, but we have many to choose from! They are all at least 4 pane and we even have a 10 pane one! Don’t forget that the holidays are coming, so think ahead for your holiday crafting and gifting. See you at the sale!

For other crafting ideas, follow our boards on Pinterest. 

See you soon, Jill


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