Window Shopping – Top 10 Ideas for Projects

Attention all repurposers and craft enthusiasts! This week is the Bungalow 47 Expansion Sale! Beginning Tuesday, September 9 and going until Saturday, September 13, we will be having our (non) warehouse sale! This time it will be done slightly different and there will be lots of great deals, awesome furniture and cool items. In this sale, we have lots of old wood windows with the perfect amount of peely, chippy-ness for your next project.

To get you inspired, I have compiled a top 10 list from Pinterest of projects you can do with old windows.

1. Jewelry OrganizerPicture 14

2. Memo BoardPicture 16

3. Cabinet Door FrontPicture 17

4. Shelf and HooksPicture 18

5. Picture FramePicture 19

6. Quotes and PicturesPicture 20

7. Coffee TablePicture 21

8. Memory BoardPicture 22

9. CalendarPicture 23

10. Window ArtworkPicture 24

Come early for best selection, but we have many to choose from! They are all at least 4 pane and we even have a 10 pane one! Prices start at $10 for a 4 pane window. Don’t forget that the holidays are coming, so think ahead for your holiday crafting and gifting. See you at the sale!


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