Warehouse Sale

Do you remember when you were a kid, the anticipation of Christmas morning?  What would you find under the tree?  Will they like your gift?  Will you wake up to an ideallyic snow (none for me in Southern California)?  Well it’s just about Christmas morning at Bungalow 47 again!  Our Warehouse Sale is coming next weekend, Friday and Saturday May 10-11, 2013.  It’s our occasional sale where you will find ah-mazing things to paint and finish yourself.

warehouse sale

We Love Stuff and a Warehouse Sale

I think I have mentioned before that we are somewhat hoarders (in the best kind of way, of course!).  This sale first began because we were overflowing with finds that we had not painted yet.  The great thing about the sale is that we only present merchandise no one has seen before!  

warehouse sale chairs

It’s not stuff that was in the store and didn’t sell or needed to be clearanced, it’s just fabulous finds that are waiting for their second chance to be loved.  There are always wonderful finds, huge bargains and items to reminisce about.  You will find dressers, hutches, tables in all sizes, china cabinets, chairs galore and other surprises.

warehouse sale finds

What Time and Get Ready!

So eat your Wheaties and put your hunting glasses on!  The back room will be open soon!  We open at 10am (usually to a large line of people, so come early if you would like first entry).  We will hand out numbers at 9:30 so you have a few minutes to get some coffee or a snack next door and not lose your place in line.  

warehouse sale furniture

All items will be priced at bargain prices so only pull the tag if you are going to buy it so no fights break out (you know how us bargain hunters get).  I’m not gonna lie,  I have been accused of racing in front of people before at sales, but hey, THIS IS A SPORT!  Now if I can only figure out how I can get free cookies like Santa!

warehouse sale












  1. Bungalow 47 says:

    Karen, The shop can be accessed on the website by clicking the tag labeled “shop”. Paint and many other items are listed under the headings with all the pricing available as well. Thank you for visiting our site!

  2. karen schroeder says:

    Hi! How much is your paints, etc. i couldn’t find them anywhere or an online order form. thanks! karen

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