A Vintage Fall Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Schneider


If you’re looking for inspiration for a fall wedding, look no further! This blog post is all about a vintage wedding with a rustic flair. From the decor to the colors, everything about this theme was perfect for autumn. We’ll show you how to create a romantic and elegant setting using natural materials and warm autumnal hues. So if you’re planning your big day and want to add a touch of Fall like we did, read on!

Vintage inspired wedding

Last fall my oldest daughter married the man of her dreams during the cutest little rustic/vintage wedding held at Woldumar Nature Center.  Here are a few shots from the wedding.  

Homemade Touches

When it comes to wedding decor, there are a few key elements that you’ll need to create the perfect vintage Fall setting. First, think about using natural materials like wood and stone. These elements will add a rustic touch to your decor and help create an intimate setting like we had. We made many homemade crafts for the wedding to add that personal touch. Of course, most were made from vintage items.

Handmade Groom sign
Handmade Bride sign


Vintage Inspired Fabric

The bridesmaid dresses were made from a vintage inspired floral fabric.

Bridesmaid dresses made from vintage fabric

The brides bouquet

Most special was the brides bouquet that was made from vintage flower brooches. 

Brides bouquet created from vintage brooches

Vintage Home Decor

We brought in lots of vintage furniture to give the area places where people could hang out and talk. Of course the airstream had a prominent place.

Vintage decor
Vintage Airstream for the bridal party
Wildflowers in vintage canning jars

Barn celebration

The party was held inside the barn and decorated with lots of vintage and salvage letters.

An old barn for the reception
Schneider name in lights
Celebrating the beginning of something grand

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  1. JOAN raines says:

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  2. I fell in love with the gown immediately. It had a modern shape, which I was looking for, but was still very feminine and romantic. I also loved the texture of the fabric – I thought it was perfect for my fall wedding. I found the dress at Nordstrom with my mother, she helped me decide on the dress and also purchased it for me – it was something she had been looking forward to forever – very sweet.

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