Sunday Soda Sip – Sandwiches, sales, and swiping

Hello friends! Welcome to my weekly wrap-up called the Sunday Soda Sip – sandwiches, sales, and more edition. So grab your drink and let’s chat.

soda drink on ice in a cup on farmhouse table

This week was the first one since the New Year, where I could really get out and start to get things done. The dog is nursed back to health, and it’s time to quit dawdling.

old farmhouse hosting an estate sale with vintage finds

An estate sale to remember

This week I attended an amazing estate sale! It was actually round two of a big sale, that apparently, drew in big crowds from neighboring states.

Sadly, I missed the first one because I was out of town. But you know it was advertised to have amazing stuff if you have people driving from afar and lining up in the middle of the night!

The house was out in the country, a small-ish 1800’s brick farmhouse. It seemed unassuming, until you took a closer look. And who would have guessed that there was amazing treasures awaiting inside.

pretty architectural details on a brick farmhouse

I can’t even imagine the stuff that must have left this house, before I even got here. But the day I went, everything was 50% off, which made it super fun.

There were so many fabulous French things and I ended up taking a few pics to send to my sister who loves this stuff. She lives out in Idaho, so she wouldn’t be coming, but I wanted her to see it anyway. I love shopping for treasures!

You never know what good stuff lurks inside a sale

You’ve heard the old phrase, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” and this house was the poster child for that! Because everything inside was all gold leafed, and soft colors, florals, with pretty details.

There was lots of vintage clothing, some vintage prom dresses that I didn’t get to fast enough, and little treasures tucked everywhere.

It was giving me some major Rachel Ashwell/Shabby Chic vibes. The cabinet in the tiny kitchen even reminded me of one that was at Rachel’s bed and breakfast “The Prairie” in Texas. I love all that stuff, so I didn’t have any problem finding lots of treasures, not only for myself but to sell in my booth.

one of my favorite vintage treasures from the estate sale
one of my favorite vintage treasures from the estate sale

If you love it, buy it and you will find a place for it

While I was there, I overheard a wife shopping with her husband. She was admiring something and he said, “you have one just like it, where would you put that one” (total man logic) to which she replied “but I really love this one”!

Of course, I walked by right at that moment and said, “if you really love it, you will find a place for it”. This is a true statement, if I’ve ever heard one. This is a good reminder friends, if you love it, buy it. These were some of the finds I brought home.

I bought this fabulous blue cabinet, thinking I could keep or sell it. Obvi, this one is special, so I might have to keep it. However, I will sell something else if I need to, to keep what I really love.

There are so many great tips I have to share about shopping estate sales. If you want to hone your thrifting skills, read this post about the 19 tips to estate sale shop like a pro.

Sandwich inspiration

Another thing that needed to happen this week was a little bit of cleaning out the fridge. There are always items that are past their time, and others that need to get used up.

This week, when I was searching for something to make for lunch one day, I ran across a few holiday gifted items. You know the kind? Where you get goodies sent to you from business associates or friends. Then mostly you forget about them, only to find them a year later, and have to throw them away. I hate that.

sandwich fixings on  breadboard

My hubby had received a box from Harry and David from a business associate where we received some yummy cheeses, salami, and accoutrement. Rather than let those meats and cheeses be forgotten in the back of the deli drawer, I pulled them out and decided to whip up something delicious.

roasted tomatoes in pretty home decor kitchen

Reminder: pull out those holiday treats people sent you

I was feeling like a grilled sandwich, so here is what I came up with.

Gifts I used: soft salami, hard salami, and cheddar Gruyere cheese

What I had on hand: dijon mustard, sourdough bread, tomatoes, and onions.

What I did: carmelized some onions, pan-roasted some tomato slices, and grated the cheese. Then I put it all together, and made the most yummy grilled sandwiches.

Reminder: break out of your norm and make something different!

yummy sandwich on blue and white vintage plate

If you got sweet treats during the holidays, pull those out and make them into something friends can enjoy. Especially during this time of football playoff parties, and pre-Super Bowl get togethers.

Things to notice and swipe at

Not sure if you have noticed your cold return grates lately. I know, this is exciting stuff. Since we have been freezing here this last week, the furnace is going full tilt all day and night.

As I was cleaning up the other day, I noticed one of the returns in the kitchen/family room area. And yuck, it was time for the vacuum! In my defense, this was literally only from the last 10 days or so. That’s how quick these things can build up. Being home bound makes you notice all the dusty areas that accumulate so fast during the winter!

floor vent near hardwood floors that needs vacuuming

With 2 dogs, I run my favorite cordless vacuum over the floor daily, or I would have dust bunnies everywhere. But the vents require the bigger vacuum, that has the sucking wand thing.

Reminder: check to see if your cold air return vents and other grates need a quick little swipe with the regular vacuum! Noticing and cleaning something like this gets me excited for spring cleaning! Is that weird? I feel like it is.

Check out what my friends are up to

You gotta check out what my friend Jodi, from Lyndale Drive, did. She totally upgraded a simple, shelving unit into the most amazing project! It looks so cool. Jodi is a hoot, and you will love her. We met last October at a conference I went to in Waco, and she is one talented lady.

Join the conversation

Friends, if you are on Facebook, join our free, private Facebook group! We are talking all things home decor and we’d love to have you join us. Hope to see you there soon!

Well, that’s the big wrap up for this week. I hope everyone is staying warm this winter, and you are getting lots done this month. I have so many projects coming up that I can’t wait to share with you, so stay tuned!


  1. Hi,
    For some reason the Lyndale link didn’t work. I could not see the bookshelf and only got a chance to sign up for a subscription.

  2. Oh my goodness! I would have loved that estate sale!!! The blue cabinet is gorgeous! Fun, fun!

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