Round Top Antiques Week

Round Top Antiques Week is a great time to hit the road and head through the fields, searching for treasure.  Held in Round Top, Texas it is the time of year where thousands flock to this tiny town of less than 100 residents.

vintage picking at Round Top

Antiques and Vintage for Miles

There is miles and miles of good rusty stuff, as far as the eye can see! There are many fields, and when Marburger is going on, there is even more. Marburger is indoors and very high end. It is very different than digging through the fields of Round Top. Both offer amazing inspiration for vintage design.


You never know what you might find, just be prepared to haul it home.


Be sure to stop in and visit Large Marge, she’ll be waitin’ for ya!


What to See and Eat

The blue bonnets will be blooming everywhere.  It’s hard to resist pulling over to get a close up shot of these Texas beauties! Driving by a field of blue swaying in the breeze is very beautiful. 


There’s good eats, great music, loads of fun, miles of treasure and inspiration everywhere! We love the food at Zapp Hall and the Mexican restaurant in town. Walking so much through the fields definitely gave us an excuse to indulge in pies at Royer’s.


Round Top Texas

There is much to see in Round Top. The best is all the creative ways the vendors display their items. We hope to see you in Round Top soon!

vintage finds in Round Top


You never know what you will find in Round Top.

flea market shopping


flea market style

You can get more information about Antiques Week in Round Top on their website. 


  1. Junk Gypsy Paint says:

    Just to confirm and get you the right information, what day was it that you were there?

  2. Betty Throgmartin says:

    I was visiting your shop the first day of the Antique week and I was really taken with a music video playing. It was a woman and I looked at the case and I think the artist name was Joile, but I now I know that is wrong. Would you please tell me the name of the artist. Thank you so very much.

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