Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

So by now, wherever you are, you have probably been in your house staring at your kitchen cabinets thinking “hmmm, wonder if I can paint those?” We are here to tell you wholeheartedly, YOU CAN DO THIS! Here’s how easy it would be to be painting your kitchen cabinets by next weekend.

We are going to answer all your questions regarding a project like this, and we know there are many. First and foremost, if you follow us on social media, you have already found the right paint and that is half the task. In the next few weeks,  we will share tips and tricks, what NOT to do, choosing the right color, and so much more so stay tuned.

Let’s start with the basics

First, the better you prep than the better longterm results you will have. This is true for most projects, especially paint. Most important, this includes cleaning with a degreaser and a light sanding.

Second, before painting, invest in the best synthetic bristle brush you can afford. This will give you the smoothest finish. Then layout your doors and get painting.


Last, finish with our Matte Finish to protect your cabinets.

Check out this quick video to get inspired.

Seems pretty easy, right? And for the most part, it is! But this is the super basic version, but we know that many of you like to obsess about stuff for awhile before getting started, and others just like to jump right into the deep end of the pool, so this post is for you pool jumpers. Everybody else, here is a chance for you to start making a plan to get this done soon. See how this project held up years later here. 

Stay safe and healthy, Jill


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