I’d Like to Buy a Vowel…

I’m headed to Round Top Antiques Market and I’d like to buy a vowel please!

Salvage letters
Use the same size and font for a more consistent look


When it comes to decorating with salvage letters, I’m a FAN!  I love everything about them.  I love the different sizes and colors, the rust, peeling paint and the variety… so much variety.

salvage letters
Spray paint your letters to coordinate with your color scheme


A Bit of a Find

While we were shopping Antiques Week last spring, my obsession got the better of me and I ended up bringing home a truck load of salvage letters.  LITERALLY!

Truck load of salvage letters
Antiques week Texas, salvage letter heaven


Yup, that’s my truck! Bet you thought I was joking. I would never joke about something as serious as my love for salvage.  When we came across this huge supply of letters we loaded up and left no letter behind.  Well, at least we tried.

Fun with salvage letters
Spell captions or phrases that are meaningful to you


Buying a Vowel and More

The letters we couldn’t bring home we staged for FUN photo shoots. If I can’t have them all then at least I’ll have some great pics.

Salvage letter D
Display just one initial to represent your families identity

Standing around 5 feet tall, this fabulous letter D sadly was another one that was left behind. But if I could have figured out a spot for it in my home you can bet I would have found a way to get it there.

Studio 47 at Bungalow 47
Use a variety of sizes, colors and fonts to spell out titles

The majority of the letters we did bring back were for the store. Mixed in were the letters for this giant Studio 47 sign. We hung them in our back room at Bungalow 47.  Studio 47 is where the magic (or should I say hoarding) happens.  We are so blessed to have such a wonderful space to play and create.

salvage letters
Collect the same letter in various sizes, colors, and fonts

More letters mixed in with the stash. So many fonts, so little time.

salvage letters
Personalize your space with your name

The twins really got into the spirit of salvage letter shopping and decided to find the letters to spell each of their names to bring home as their ‘Texas treasure’.  We found all the letters for Torey’s name at the Junk Gypsy tent near Zapp Hall.

salvage letters
What’s in a name?

Shelby’s name came from a collection of letters from another vendor in the same area.  Their names look positively adorable hanging on their apartment wall.

Salvage punctuation also makes a great statement


This explanation point was my ‘Texas treasure’. I’m totally guilty of using way too many of these when I type, but if using too many explanation points is wrong than I don’t wanna be right!!!!!!!!

We love Round Top and have attended many times. Jill has some great memories there, check out this post. Get more inspiration from our Pinterest boards. 


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  1. I’d like to purchase an “F.” Please let me know if you have any available

    Thank you

  2. I love ’em too! I got a bunch of big metal black letters at an auction, but I would love to have so many fonts and colors. Great score!

  3. Bungalow 47 says:

    You know me Anita, always looking for an excuse to go back to Texas!!! Chantelle

  4. Oh how fun!! Thanks for sharing!!!! I’m sad you have to go so far to find your letters…what if you get home and do a spell check and realize..”oh no I need a Q” ?!?!?!? I guess it would be back to Texas you go! 🙂

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