How Do Painted Cabinets Hold Up Over Years of Use

The biggest hesitation we hear from people wanting to make a change and paint their kitchen cabinets is the concern of how will it wear? And we hear ya, the kitchen is the heart of your home, and for many people it’s more than just decorative (like people who actually cook and use their space).
Let us share our ‘closest to home’ case study. This is Lizzy’s kitchen. Lizzy is a professional photographer, specializing in videography. You can see her work here. Lizzy makes videos and stop motions for many food and art bloggers, along with videos for brands featured at Michael’s, JoAnn’s, etc. She is also an avid cook, once making it through many audition rounds to get on a popular Food Network show.
So what is the point of all this? Lizzy uses her kitchen A LOT! Like more than a normal person. Many times more than three meals a day. See what I’m getting at?
Lizzy painted her kitchen using Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint, in the color Subway Tile, sealing it with our Matte Finish. She even made a video about it for our website. These photos were taken in the last few weeks, almost 3 years after her kitchen was painted. See any chipping? Nope. What about peeling? Nope. In fact, her kitchen looks as good today as it did the day after she first painted.
Not only is this true for Lizzy’s cabinets, we hear day after day about how our customers love their kitchens and bathrooms after painting using Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint!

No more excuses! You know you want to paint! Now you can confidently go forward and make those changes so you can love your space all over again!

Recommended Care for cabinets:
Simply use a damp sponge or paper towel to wipe any spills. For stubborn messes, use a little soapy water or kitchen cleaner spray.
Go forth and paint, Jill

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  1. Timetofly says:

    Definitely looking for better quality than I have been working with over 40 yrs of loyalty. You have a great selection and I will be trying them all Thank you for the blessing and You have a blessed night. Peace

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