Sunday Soda Sip – Weekly Wrap Up

Welcome friend, to my first ever Sunday Soda Sip! What is a soda sip you ask? This is where we just get to hang out for a few minutes and sip our sodas while we catch up.

Sunday soda sip drink with a straw

I’m not a coffee drinker, and frankly, I live in Michigan where it’s called ‘pop’ NOT soda! But because I am originally a California girl, I will keep my soda word and keep on sippin’. But feel free to grab whatever drink you want, and let’s connect.

This week’s updates

I have been having lots of fun writing my weekly newsletter, and if you haven’t had the chance, make sure that you join in the offer below. But this week I extended my first invite to have everyone join our new Facebook group! It’s called Your New Home Decor Bestie (that’s me) and if you want to get in on the convo, then please join us!

Bungalow 47 Facebook group for chatting about home decor and getting inspired

I’m assuming it will be way more fun when I am no longer just talking to myself and can hear your comments, see things you are up to, and just generally have a place where we can talk to each other about home decor and other fun stuff. So I look forward to seeing you there, and feel free to bring a friend!

This week’s deep thinking

This week and last week, we have been battling a problem with our little furry buddy which resulted in life-saving surgery. He is still not out of the woods and we are praying all will be well and that he will no longer be suffering.

Although Otis is 14, we felt like he had a bit of life left in him. He has been our “last child at home” as our 3 human children are all married with their own children now. So when it’s just been the 3 of us for over 10 years, we really don’t want it to end quite yet.

happy dog with cottage home decor

But thinking about his little life and the joy he brings, I thought of 5 good lessons I have learned from him over the years. Here they are:

5 life lessons from Otis

  1. Always accept treats graciously. And even if they aren’t your favorite, you can politely leave them on the floor. Heaven knows we need a bit of kindness in our world. In times of crisis, treats make it a bit more palatable. But if you are offered something (or read something online) that you don’t want, just leave it there and politely walk away.
  2. Take lots of naps, self care is important. Especially as women (and mothers), we just don’t take the time to care for ourselves as much as we should. There is no shame in napping if you need one. Even for just a few minutes.
  3. Enjoy every moment in the sun, and if there is no sun, then seek it out. Otis will somehow find the tiny sliver of light and sun to nap in. When we are up north at our cottage, as I watch him bask in the sunshine on his face, I am reminded how I need to pause and enjoy those simple beauties nature (and God) has provided for us. This brings many grateful thoughts.
  4. Cuddle up with your bestie. Otis has made it clear over the years that he adores my hubby. He always looks happiest if he is close by, or in his lap. We all need a bestie, we can’t just work all the time! Remember to take the time to connect with others and share yourself. The world can certainly be healed with more love around. And I truly believe that loyalty is important.
  5. Look and watch and learn. As humans, we can do a little more than just looking out the window. When we watch and notice, we can learn and grow. Of course, if we keep our eyes open, you never know what treasures (or treats) might cross your path!

Inspiration in my path

Last week, while in California, I visited the Mission San Juan Capistrano. If you aren’t familiar with it, it is the oldest building in California still in use and has much religious and cultural history attached to it. The grounds are beautiful and there are many artifacts to see.

As I wandered the grounds with my daughter and granddaughters, I was so inspired by the beauty around me. I just love history and cannot get enough of any historical architecture. It is so amazing to see things that have lasted hundreds of years, and the way the grounds are cared for are inspiring.

I try to glean any little details that I might translate into a better design for my own home or garden. I thought you might enjoy seeing a few views of this magical place.

My favorite purchase this week

So y’all already know that I am a big DIYer! So when we had my daughter’s (very hairy) dog come to stay with us for awhile, and now will probably be a permanent resident, I had to act!

cute dog in a home decor house

I ordered this dog grooming kit, because I just couldn’t reconcile the thought of having to pay to groom the dog more often than I do myself. Trust me, I still will be sending him to the groomer when the weather changes and he needs a big haircut. Meanwhile, in between, I can handle it.

This thing is so cool though! It has cutting and brush attachments that all hook up to a quiet vacuum thing that collects all the dog hair. It’s so fun to use, but I admit, I might need to watch a YouTube video or something on proper technique. He looks a bit choppy right now, but who’s to say that isn’t in style?

And speaking of hairy dogs and vacuums. If you have hard surfaces and animals, this cordless vacuum is a must! I love it so much, and I can swish it around the floor super quick to get up all the hair that ends up in dust bunnies.

I know my daughter is using hers on overtime, since she has little people who throw food on the floor and no longer have the dog to lick it up! Maybe I will have to start dropping more food here to keep him busy.

Reality check

I’m having a slow start to the new year. With the trip to California, and then coming home to the dog emergency, putting away the Christmas crap is a slow go.

I’m at that stage where I have most things from all the rooms piled onto the dining room table. Now I just need to go to the basement and get all the bins to put everything away. However, the “watching the dog nap to make sure he is okay” thing is slowing my progress.

Oh well, no fabulous dinner parties planned for this month, so the dining room table is just doing its thing. Giving myself grace this year, and just releasing (release is my focus word of the year) the need to over achieve and get it all done today. There’s always next week. Well, here’s hoping.

If you want more inspiration today, check out my friend Susan’s blog Home With Grace and Joy and her latest post. She does a Saturday Morning Devotional post each week, and yesterday it was so great and very inspiring.

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