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  • Bungalow 47™ Clear Primer


    Bungalow 47™ Clear Primer is an American-made primer that is ideal for blocking stains, bleeding tannins, and other problems associated with painting vintage furniture. It offers improved adhesion, is low-odor and low VOC, and dries clear so wood tones can still be seen through distressing if desired. When dry, it remains tacky to the touch.

  • Bungalow 47™ Matte Finish


    Bungalow 47™ Matte Finish is an American-made finish that seals our chalk and clay Furniture Paint. It is ultra-low VOC, low odor, non-yellowing, and fast-drying. It has excellent water and chemical resistance, so you can confidently protect your repurposed vintage finds. It may be used on painted or raw wood surfaces.

  • Bungalow 47™ Vintage Texture


    Directions for use: Step 1 – Using the included scoop, add powder to paint. Two scoops per 8 oz. of paint will provide proper consistency. Increase or decrease amount to your preference. Mixture should be a consistency between cake batter and a thick frosting. Step 2 – Apply mixture with brush, using a pouncing motion,…

  • Drill Brush

  • Potential Retailer Trial Kit


    This kit includes four 2 ounce trial sizes of each of the following: Matte Finish, Clear Primer, light color (our choice) of furniture paint, dark color (our choice) of furniture paint, and a staining pad for use with the Matte Finish. Kit also includes current color chart, instruction sheet, and 2 logo paint sticks.