Bungalow 47 Featured in Romantic Homes Magazine

Have you received your issue of Romantic Homes magazine yet this month? We are excited to have Bungalow 47 featured in this month’s issue of Romantic Homes. 

Romantic Homes, February 2017 issue

If you come across it, check out the feature on “The Romantics” on page 60, featuring designers from around the country sharing a bit of their vision of romantic style. We are honored that Engaged Media chose Chantelle and I to be a part of this feature. Here is what it looks like.

Magazine Titles We Love

Engaged Media also publishes Flea Market Decor, Cottages and Bungalows, along with several special interest magazines. I love the American Farmhouse and Modern titles frequently published as well.

Bungalow 47


Awhile back, Jill produced and photographed another amazing Michigan cottage on the west side of the state. It was featured earlier last spring in the February/March 2016 issue of Cottages and Bungalows in like 12-14 pages. If you can grab a copy of that too, it was a good one! Here’s a sneak from their Facebook feed.

Cottages and Bungalows Facebook Post

We Love to Share

We are happy to share a few pictures from our home and share with readers about our romantic style. Both of us  have very different ideas of what ‘romantic style’ mean to us. When they asked, what are some standout pieces (family heirlooms, flea-market scores, fun finds, etc.) you can tell our readers about? we each had very different answers.

Chantelle said,

“My favorite ‘stand out’ piece in my home is our bed.  We seldom purchase furniture from a store. My husband is a pretty handy guy and creates the majority of our furniture for us. Recently, I was in the mood to update our bed so he and I took a trip to our local architectural salvage dealer for supplies.

I had the typical ‘headboard made from an old door’ idea in my head but he found a chippy peely porch railing and had a vision. He wanted to combine it with barn wood that he had salvaged from a local barn to create the perfect rustic/shabby combination for our room. I love everything he creates for us but especially this because it was his vision and it turned out way better than my idea would have.”

Chantelle Deimling's Bungalow style

Chantelle Deimling's Bungalow 47 style

Jill said

“My cupboards are full of milk glass that I have collected for over 35 years! I received my first piece from my maternal grandmother when I was 14 years old and have never looked back! We use the dishes every day, pieces have been at every holiday or party we have had. And I have collected countless more pieces helping my daughters and friends start their own collection.

I also have the milk glass punch bowl used at my parent’s wedding! Several pieces of artwork that my father collected in the 60s that mean the world to me take center stage in our home. I have been looking at them my whole life! We love to have items that represent our travels, family vacations we’ve taken, and heirlooms from our families. Those mean the most.”

Jill Rinner's Bungalow 47 style


Jill Rinner's Bungalow 47 style


Making Your Space Personal

Heirlooms can play an important part in your decor. They add history to your space and provide a vision into your life’s journey. Collecting vintage is a great way to get that look of history if you didn’t inherit it. And if you ended up with something handed down, don’t be afraid to make it your own by painting it. Our Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint is a great way to turn that forgotten piece into something special.

In conclusion, if you’d like some inspiration for your home decorating, visit our Pinterest boards. We love good design and want to share what we find with you.


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