Tips to Share With Customers

Our customers are our life blood and we want to always help them have great success and fun when creating something using paint. Here are a few tips and tricks that you and your staff might find helpful to share with them to help them feel informed and inspired!

  • Sample sizes will paint an entire small project (just how far will vary depending on coats and coverage) but you can finish a side table, nightstand, chair, small dresser, small table, or cabinet.

  • Think of sample sizes as a great way to be creative with your colors: layering several colors, mixing colors (purchase a white quart and a few bold color samples, and end up with a rainbow of options for multiple projects), two-tone projects with stripes, ombre, or other effects.

  • If customers are afraid to commit to bold color on their project, but love it, encourage them to buy that color they love in a sample size and paint drawer interiors and/or sides for a fun surprise when the drawer get’s opened.

  • No one ever wishes they hadn’t prepped their piece properly after it’s done. Prep sometimes is the key to a good outcome, especially if they are wanting a non-distressed look. Encourage your customers to read the labels and clean properly for the finest outcome of their projects.

  • If your piece is not in need of heavy protection, like a tabletop that needs the water and chemical resistance that our Matte Finish provides, the paint does NOT need a sealer. When the paint is dry, simply buff your piece with a clean dry cloth or towel. This works great for armoires or large cabinets that don’t have a horizontal surface where items would be placed.

  • Matte Finish/Clear Coat provides awesome protection and allows your finish to last a long time! It is best applied with a staining pad, as to not be over applied.

  • The paint can be thinned if desired. Just add small amounts of water to paint portioned out that you will be using, DO NOT add water to your entire can. Water will also create more of a transparency with the color, so this can be effective for using the paint as a wash.

  • The paint can also be sprayed. It may need to be thinned slightly for your equipment.

  • If your store is located in an area of the country where it freezes, instruct your staff to remind customers (when purchasing paint during below freezing temps) to NOT leave the paint, Clear Coat, or Clear Primer in their car overnight! The product will be ruined. We DO NOT ship paint during below freezing temps, so your paint should always be stored in a climate controlled area.

  • For an older look, the paint can be easily distressed in the first 24-hours. The paint is curing and begins to harden quickly, so for easiest distressing use the wet distress or sandpaper technique the first day. After the first day, it is best distressed using sandpaper.

  • Clear Coat/Matte Finish can be used to decoupage paper onto a surface. Apply a coat of product first, lay your paper into it, and cover with more clear coat. Be careful to press all bubbles out of the surface.

If you have a great tip to add, please message us. We’d love to add it to the list!

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