Reporting Damages

  • If a box is visually damaged when received, make notation with shipping carrier when signing for shipment.
  • Take photographs of all visual damage on exterior AND interior of boxes and email to  Please include close-ups and overview photos.  These will be shared with the carrier to support our claim, so please make sure they are clear and accurate.image1
  • DO NOT discard boxes or product until instructed to do so.  Doing so may result in your claim being denied.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE to keep all damaged goods until receiving instruction from Bungalow 47.

  • In rare instances, you may be asked to return damaged product.  If this is necessary, we will provide a call tag for items needing to be returned.
  • Claims of damages, missing items or other issues MUST be made directly to Bungalow 47 within 3 business days upon receiving your product.  Email the warehouse directly at or call (517) 325-1247.  Business hours are Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm EST.

Below are the guidelines you have agreed to within the Terms and Conditions.  Please review:

  1. Shipping, Damages and Returns

“Retailer shall pay all reasonable and necessary charges for shipping, handling, taxes, tariffs, and insurance as needed for orders received.  No returns are accepted.  Upon receipt of any order, any visible damage should be reported to shipping carrier before signing for shipment.  Signing implies you accept the merchandise in condition presented.  All concealed damages, losses, or omissions must be reported to B47 with three (3) business days of receipt.  Photographs should be taken immediately and provided to support claim.  Failure to do so may result in carrier denying claim.”

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