New Year Inspiration

The New Year

The new year is upon us.  Has anyone else stopped to think, “How the heck is it 2013 already?”  The new year always brings new resolutions (that we’ll forget about by February), a look to the future (how will our lives change this year?) and lots of guilt about what we can do better (I can’t help you with your guilt, blame your mother!).  So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite home quotes (visuals courtesy of Pinterest) to inspire you to think about your home.  

We love the idea of home so much that when we started our business, we wanted to give it a name that was a synonym for HOME.  We considered many, but Bungalow just sounded cozy (to hear the whole story click “Older Posts” at the bottom of the page and scroll back to the beginning for a post titled “The Story of Us”).

Feelings of Home

Home conjures up so many feelings.  It’s where we live our lives with the ones we love and creating a ‘home’ is important.  A home doesn’t have to be big or beautiful to be valuable, but I believe it should truly be YOU!  What does your home say about you?  Is it the message you want to convey?  If I came to your house and read your book titles, looked at artwork or photos, peeked in closets, or sat down and stayed a while, what would it tell me about you?

This year I have decided to share a little inspiration with you more often.  We always get so busy with the store and the hunt and the general inner workings of things that we forget the blog, where we can really share ourselves with all of our customers (since many of you are not local and unable to visit our store frequently) so we want to ‘feed’ you as well.  So, over the next few weeks and months, I will pose a few questions weekly to get you to think about your home.  Will you join me on this journey?  

Hopefully, together we can be inspired and pause long enough to remember the place we lay our head at night and to make it the type of home where others will want to be, peace can be felt and love can abound!    Happy New Year, Jill

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  1. If you stopped by my house {which I hope you DO do someday!} you would find ME all over the place! I definitely ascribe to Elise de Wolfe’s notion ……Simplicity, suitability and proportion. I would also add COLOR!


  2. Bungalow 47 says:

    Ellen, Thanks for your comment. I have been slightly obsessed with Elsie de Wolfe for a long time (for those of you who do not know her, she was the first woman to ever have the official title “Interior Decorator” at the beginning of the 1900’s). My favorite quote of hers is, “It’s not the homes I love, but the life that’s lived there!” That has been my mantra now for decades. I will look forward to sharing more of her tidbits with all of you this year! Thanks, Jill

  3. Joan Raines says:

    A lot of my home reflects me but I share it with my adult daughter and Son. Daughter is more victorian and son is a minimalisr who doesn’t like clutter. Clutter to him is anything you don’t need, to heck with decorating. Me , I love primitives, attic finish is fine, old with character, rust is ok and quilts and candles pie safes, butter bowls etc. you get the idea so home is not totally as I would have it. We do what we have to do. Haven’t been to your store yet but will soon. Have thought about taking a class in shabby chic painting which I also enjoy at your place but don’t drive anymore at night. Your paints sound very interesting..

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