Habits of Top Selling (Paint) Stores

Everyone wants to have a thriving business and sharing information with each other and looking for inspiration is important. However, in reviewing sales over the last few years, we have found consistent traits that we see in top selling retailers around the country. Here is a concise list to help get you thinking.

Tip 1: They know who they are as a business and they focus on that.

Tip 2: They share that knowledge of who they are, what they do, and how they do it all over social media in a variety of ways.

Tip 3: They have a distinct paint area and keep it well stocked.

Sample Junk Gypsy Paint display using rusted bakery cart


Display by Julie Bledsoe/Art by Julie Bledsoe in Powell, TN

Tip 4: They provide displays of actual paint colors and color charts.

Sample Junk Gypsy Paint display

Tip 5: They provide a knowledgable staff who knows the product, has used it, and can walk the talk.

Tip 6: They provide inspiration in the form of many pieces painted and available for viewing and purchasing.

Tip 7: They don’t confuse their customer with too many paint type choices, or too much extra fluff (“paint for the people”).

Tip 8: They offer classes, training, projects and/or demos.

Tip 9: They focus on what they do and don’t have to recreate the wheel each time.  They share and repost inspiration that is offered.

Tip 10: Some have multiple locations or ways that paint gets sold, whether in a second location or shows on the road.

Weathered Feather in Riverside, CA on the road at a flea market

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