Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing paint from us.  We want you to be successful and in order to achieve that, it is important to stay connected and participate in the marketing that is provided to support the brand.  First, start with:

  1. Join the private Facebook sharing room called “Retailers of Bungalow 47 Paint Distribution”.  It is a closed group, so you will be receiving an invite via email.  If you have a personal gmail account, this may show up in your SOCIAL tab section, so be sure to retrieve it from there, as it comes directly from Facebook. Pictures, ideas, and tips are shared in this room by us and our large group of retailers.  This group is very informative and will be a great place to network as well.
    Screen shot 2016-08-31 at 12.50.24 PM
  2. ‘Like’ or follow the pages for all the social media related to the brand you sell.  Refer to the Marketing post for more media
  3. Register for the reorder cart.  Refer to the Reorder post for more information.
  4. You may want to paint samples of the actual colors to show your customers.  The paint sticks with the logo are a good idea for this.
  5. Signage can be created from a variety of images we have to share for both brands.

We are committed to providing you with excellent customer service, a consistent product that is always in stock, sales support, answers to your product queries, and any other questions you may have to be successful selling paint.  Please contact us Monday through Friday:

Jill and Chantelle – Office (517) 325-1147, 10am – 4pm EST

Warehouse (517) 325-1247, 10am – 4pm EST

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