Display Tips and Ideas From Fellow Retailers

Displaying the paint in your shop plays an important role in how your customers will receive the paint, have their interests peaked, and eventually translate to a sale. Here are a few tips for setting your display and creating a pleasant environment in your shop.

  1. Quantities – When a customer sees a full display, it gives the appearance that the product is special and something to notice. It is important to keep your display stocked so you don’t miss out on sales. We suggest a minimum of one quart in every color with deeper stock for colors you know sell well in your area. Sample sizes should be a minimum of 2-4 each color, and deeper for those colors you often sell.
  2. Actual Color Samples – Although printed color charts are available in as close a match as possible, customers may want to see how the color looks actually painted (and even with finish) on a surface. You may want to paint sticks, sample blocks, or another shape that matches your shop to showcase to real color to your customer. This will help them visualize how the paint will look on their piece. Of course, there are a million creative ways to showcase the colors, and you are only limited by your own imagination.
  3. Painted Furniture – Best selling stores often have many pieces painted in a variety of colors for their customers to view and be inspired. Many even keep a display piece, half painted/half not, so the customer can see the difference a new paint job makes. Providing a finished visual is always a good idea!
  4. Display – Due to the nature of how the product is used, when choosing your display, an item that can be painted or that is vintage might be the best option for showing off your paint display.
  5. Educating the Customer – Providing color charts, printed instructions, class schedules, a flip book of inspiration pictures, live video, or rolling feed featuring painted pieces are all good ways to inspire your customer. Of course, the paint websites for the brand you carry are also good places to share with your customer and let them know where they can get inspired for the brand paint you offer.










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