A Little Christmas Decor

This year for Christmas, I decided to keep it simple since we would be leaving before the holiday to spend it with our married children. New this year, I added a tiny vintage car collection, but otherwise I’ve kept everything a bit traditional.

The Life That's Lived There Christmas

There were years I had 3 or 4 big trees set up in the house, but those have found their way to our children’s homes. I kept this weird skinny tree for our empty nester house as it is the perfect size for our smaller place. It seems happy amongst the peely chippy salvage goodness.

The Life That's Lived There Christmas

Even the bust of David got a little holiday cheer this year.

The Life That's Lived There Christmas

We have a strong tradition of Christmas stockings filled with mystery gifts we make a game out of guessing. Not gonna lie, the competition gets pretty intense the years we get to all be together, but it’s always fun! These will all hang by the fireplace until they make their way into my carryon luggage to make the trip with me.

The Life That's Lived There Christmas

I always have to add a little bit of vintage Christmas bling with ornaments and silver trees.

The Life That's Lived There Christmas

And a kissing ball in the foyer, just in case!

Gifts are wrapped simply with a bit of the outdoors and I’m ready for Christmas.

The Life That's Lived There Christmas 

How do you decorate for Christmas? Does it include vintage decor or sentimental items? We have so many memories of Christmas past that I can’t help but remember each time I unpack the boxes of decorations. 

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday season, Jill

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