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Welcome to “47 weeks of Inspiration”, week 1!  This journey will take us (over the next 10 months or so) into a closer more in depth look at our homes.  Each week we will focus on a different area, I will ask questions and you will have homework!  Doesn’t that sound fun?  Don’t worry, we will make it stress free and enjoyable.  Our main goal is to get us really thinking about our spaces.  Do they reflect who we are?  Do they look and function how we need them to?  Are they beautiful and personal?  SO this week, let’s start at the beginning.

It’s Gotta Function

Although I am all about the beauty of a room, FUNCTION is the most important thing to me in a home.  Frankly, I like people more than things so I want to make sure that those who live in or visit our home feel welcome and comfortable.  I want conversation to flow and spaces to work.  I like to catch guests putting their feet up, feeling relaxed and enjoying themselves.  This makes me happy.  I like that there is space to set a drink down, areas to have a conversation, pillows to cozy up to and items to entertain.  

I don’t want anything to be too precious, but I am a firm believer that a space should ‘work’ for the family that lives there, small children included.  This does not mean that the decorating looks like Chuck E. Cheese did it.  I made my kids learn how to live around nice things (and they turned out just fine) and inside ball throwing was not done in the living room.  But there should be space for that, so we will cover that in another week.  For now, FUNCTION will be our focus.  So let’s get started?

First off, ask yourself these questions (you are gonna need a paper/pen if you really want to get into this):

1.  What areas in your home are constantly cluttered?  What space would you consider a ‘problem area’?  The key here is pin-pointing that zone that is always a mess, even when it is clean.  Now I understand one of the main problems for a lot of us is we live with other people who don’t really have the same vision of ‘neat and tidy’ that we do.  I get that, I raised three children, am married to a man who is very helpful (but that took like 30 years of work) and we have 2 dogs, so I understand the dilemma.  But follow me here…if a space functions properly, it looks good AND is easy to maintain.  I’m not kidding, by the time we are done, this will make sense.

Everyone in the family needs to get comfortable


2.  What activities take place in your home daily that seem to not be working currently?  Do you need a homework space because the kids aren’t getting it done without laying on the floor and making a mess?  Are you a crafter who is constantly needing to drag projects out and then hide them again?  Are there areas of your home that do not get used?  Are you continually looking for stuff you know you have but cannot find?  Is there enough storage?  Are you a collector of stuff?

Home Work

Okay, now here is your homework.  Answer the questions in #1 but let’s just focus this week on the main family living areas (kitchen, family room, entry way).  You could write, “inside the entry door, shoes everywhere” or “piles of paper and mail all over kitchen counter” or “video games piling up in the family room”.  List the areas and the problems that you see.  

Next, move to #2 and write the activities that happen daily that there just is no space for.  Now, many of us don’t live in 10,000 square foot homes with only 2 people (and if you do and are complaining, come closer so I can slap you) most people might be living in 2,000-3,000 square feet with 4 or more people. I mention this because we need to be realistic about our circumstances.  If you live in a small apartment with 4 kids, you need to consider your space limits.  

Review your answers, think them over and we will get to the problem solving.  If you have questions meanwhile, leave a comment here and I will answer you and try to provide personal ideas for your dilemmas.  Let’s start this week ASSESSING our function and then we will come up with ideas to make rooms more functional and good looking.

Design Services

If you are needing one on one inspiration, we will be adding Bungalow 47 design services soon where we will come to your home and make things happen.  There will be a variety of services to choose from and you will be able to receive that extra inspiration you’ve always wanted!  Let’s make 2013 our best, most beautiful and organized year yet!  Be happy, Jill

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  1. I’m looking forward to using this homework as I get settled and create spaces in our new home!!! Bring on the other 46 weeks. I can’t wait!!!

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